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Traffic update time of nine fifty four, Kierra, the latest All right so I ninety, now completely closed between I five in Ireland crest way. As the blue angels start their practice and that will stay closed until twelve fifteen this afternoon so you need to head for five twenty if you need to get across the water that is now looking slow. In the eastbound direction from five to the water and westbound is getting bunched. Up at montlake it is a very slow morning still on the. Eastside southbound four zero five that is still struggling as you're heading into. The canyon park area you won't be breaking free until you reach the five. T to you also still have some scattered slowing in Kirkland and then. Northbound four zero five actually let me keep going on southbound four or five or a second we're also looking slow from the the. Valley freeway all the way into Southcenter and actually extending onto, state, route five eighteen as well now northbound. Four or five, off and on slowing from one six seven all the way to five twenty at this point much heavier than we'd like to see this, time of day northbound I five is still struggling as he worked away. From Albro to five twenty five southbound I five busy, around limb with some scattered Slowing through shoreline and then slow again from eighty to the ship canal bridge westbound I ninety that's getting bunched up, into Factoria area are next KOMO traffic at ten zero four We got sunshine, on the way, clouds and drizzle this morning and a, high, near sixty. Eight scattered showers overnight partly sunny tomorrow and scattered showers morning, with, a high near seventy morning clouds afternoon. Sun on Saturday seventy five of the high end receivers, Sunday, mostly sunny look for a high of around eighty right now eastern, Washington Ellensburg..

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