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At three in the playoffs worse than that. You guys into play. I'll have scored seventeen points loss to the chargers points loss to the titans twenty points. One beat the titans and three points to the bills and lose one and three brothers. They wasting it and more important. They're wasting talents capabilities. The potential of the marge jackson. I'm gonna take it one step further because we do and we right here just playing. Tetris stack these cubes. If we make at this point we've seen a big enough sample size. The ravens played four playoff games under with lamar jackson's starting quarterback having scored more than twenty points in any of those four. So it's not like marcella tonight up here giving you overreaction. Monday off now. Let's take it one step further. Take all the quarterbacks started. Then divisional rounds the quarterbacks that had more passing yards won the game. So this isn't like we're up here giving you our opinions. We're giving facts josh allen. Passer more yards on the mark jackson bills. One aaron rodgers. Pass for more yards in jared. Goff packers one. Tom brady passed for more yards and drew brees books. One chiefs patrick mahomes in less playing time pass for more yards than baker. Mayfield sheaves one. When you get to the playoffs all that running the ball stuff it is cute and stop the run. It matters but when you look at this nfl right now you also when the going gets tough you gotta be able to air it out and right now the ravens are showing the ability to do so. The we ain't that cool now i'm gonna let you just say now we are. We are gonna hold hands. I know his king day. But damn we ain't got that coup around running game is q. You told me run game is gonna be the reason why to cheat. And she's lose to the browns. An almost was almost as good and horseshoes in something else and let me just say this. The last team to win super bowl without a passing offense that was in the top. Half of the league was two thousand and thirteen to seahawks. Now think about that team down and run a game as well. You're not thinking about this ravens team that same light. You're wasting lamar jackson. Get the passing game going that. I'm calling for heads to roll because cars. Dale you make me lamar accident carson. Samson's lord help me. You're wasting this guy and put them in harm's way for no apparent reason. He has the potential to do exactly what he needs to do. In a year where he still and regression has more passing styles than philip rivers. Jared goff and drew brees was injured but still drew brees same as baker. Mayfield stop wasting this do is stop wasting this passing attack. Here's where i'm going to go off the deep end and i'm gonna leave marcellus behind because different. This approach okay. I think they're actually wasting his career as far as the mar jackson's window. I don't know how long and how i've always said this. And i still believe this argument. Michael his fourth year in the nfl nfc championship game. That was his peaks thousand apex of his career cam. Newton his fifth year in the nfl. He went all the way to the super bowl. He did a little better. Michael vick both of those quarterbacks have shown themselves to be better running quarterback than they were passing. Quarterbacks in general are more. Jackson has again so himself to be a better running quarterback than passing quarterback in general. What we've seen based on the sample sizes. The window for those quarterbacks has been smaller. The mark jackson can be an outlier. He may be an outlier but marcelo. You've always said the more rarely gets hurt. What do we see this last game. Yeah hurt and he got hurt off. Obviously it was a bad snap. But only the mar- jackson's athleticism allows him to be in that position. Snap try to make something out of it and just before you know it now. Lamar jackson's getting concussion. So i think that it's a little bit smaller serious than marcella Even making it out to be. Because i don't know how long lamar jackson window for greatness is if it isn't these shorter if it is indeed smaller ravens make changes immediately. Yeah i'm not gonna argue that right now in this moment while this guy is still concussed in his own. Our offseason is impossible to argue a hope. That's not true because as a defender. I'm putting myself back in that meeting room and i'm watching film of them and i'm like this is a creative run attack. And this is the most anemic passing attack.

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