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Like him and Uh, well, I can't remember, but anyway. One of my favorite songs, and so But I was thinking, you know, it's just hospitality. There's a guy in the Old Testament whose name was bars, Ally bars ally now. At the end of his life. David King David now This is the greatest king Israel had ever seen. Mentions him almost like in his last breath. And he summarizes his life and called Barzilai. A very great man now. David at all kinds of generals and military experts around him, But he called this guy a very great man. So I thought, you know what I'm going to study to see what made him great and David's eyes. So I turned back to the previous chapters and second Samuel to see what made him very great man. And David's eyes and you when I found out He wasn't a great military expert when David was forced out of his throne by absolute David, not wanting to fight and return decides to just quietly retreat into the hills for a while, and in his haste, they didn't take any food well. When he went across the Jordan there's a man named bars Ally. Here's what the Bible said when he went by. He said to David, I cannot fight for you. I'm not a warrior, but I can be hospitable. And so he said, David come. Here's some ghee. Banana bread, Portuguese sweet bread gave him some, You know, different things like that, and pickle mangle and he went off. That's that's true. Listen to this. Here it is Barzilai. The Gilead ight brought to David wheat and flour, grains and beans and cheese for David and for the people who are with him to eat. That was it. And then later on in his life, it is summarized.

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