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One two women have accused of Virginia's Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault. Virginia Democrat congresswoman, Jennifer waxed. And join CBS's face the nation today to explain why investigation into the allegations is a good idea. I don't believe he can affectively lead calm the Commonwealth at this time. I mean, I understand that he wants that. He's feeling contrition that he's feeling regret. But we need somebody who who can not only address the wrongs of the past but take Virginia into the future. And I think he's lost the confidence of the people in order to be able to do that. Mr. Northern has been battling controversy after a racist photo appeared in medical school yearbook. It's eight oh one. Also in Virginia the dispute about renaming a street and honor of a tennis great. Fox's Karen McHugh has the story. Arthur Ashe junior was the first black American tennis player to be selected to the US Davis Cup team. And was the winner of three grand slam titles in his storied career. He died in one thousand nine hundred ninety three since then his birthplace Richmond. Virginia has tried to rename one of its main thoroughfares boulevard in his name. But the proposal went down to defeat twice now with the state back in the news over the black face scandal involving governor Ralph Northam as well as the attorney general the move to honor ashes being revisited while some residents and business owners say they don't want to change the name of an historic street. The tennis greats nephew David Harris junior says now the time is right to start this conversation about race. Karen McHugh, Fox News. The Richmond city. Council is scheduled to vote on the street. Name change tomorrow. Bipartisan group of lawmakers will be back negotiating a border security deal. Tomorrow previous talks have included the number of beds in detention centers on FOX's Sunday morning futures. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham ally of President Trump said that he was confident that the president would not sign a Bill that decreased the number of detention beds used by is we have a number of inequities in this country right now, and and we're gin, and and we're in a position to really stop talking so much and now to take action with policy to address a lot of these inequities. The panel has until February fifteenth to reach a deal in order to avoid another government shutdown. It's eight oh three workers in a clerk's office in Texas have discovered a piece of crime history in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Tarrant county clerks have been busy scanning old documents. So they could be up. Loaded to the internet and Perry is one of those clerks. She looked at one such document and immediately knew what was special. It's an original indictment of Bonnie and CLYDE for murdering two men in the nineteen thirties. The notorious bandits met in Dallas before beginning to year spree of robberies and killing Lamin that made them infamous the April nineteen thirty four documents says Bonnie Parker and CLYDE barrow killed two lawmen who had stopped to help a broken down vehicle in grapevine, Texas. The pair died in a hail of police bullets the following month in Louisiana. And today in sports university of Houston, men's and women's basketball teams both won today.

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