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Don't let your competition have that top spot check out winning reviews, DOT COM, and get to the top of Google maps. Go to winning reviews dot com that's winning reviews dot com. This is door fun sports. Well back in my people, he would be Mike Wilson I would be and when you're hanging out with us here on the door phone sports weekend edition. Did add a couple of different ways you can call us one, eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight, seven, five, two, nine you can hit us up on twitter for Mike Pigskin opinion for me. It's still refund sports check us out on facebook store sports there. CHECK US OUT ON I G it's real door fund sports there, and again, you can always come back late night with me on the world famous sports overnight America when I do the NFL rewind. Week five this week. So be extremely excited to do that for you at ten PM Pacific Standard. Time. So adjust your clocks wherever the heck you may be. Obviously you can catch Mike and I-. Mondays and Fridays and Phoenix Arizona Eight, seven, the pulse shake just go download the APP eight seven the pulse APP on your phone take us with you anywhere you want to be. Look Mike here's here's the cool thing. When you and I talk sports and when I call people out from time to time, they show sometimes they show up and sometimes they go hide behind whatever in their basement or wherever they want to be. But not that dude, not that dude in. Santa. Monica am I Sam Dude hurt me calling him out about his Miami hurricanes and their lack of they're showing up against the big boys and he must be. A, little upset about you and I haven't with those people from Ohio and maybe me going out there and shooting that that salad number and whatever it is. But let's jump to the phones and let's see what is on M. I. S.. Sam's mind this morning Mitch in. Santa. Monica you got the door man you got Mike Wilson it obviously is the door funds sports weekend edition, but it's your world man what's up You Really GonNa. Call me out about hanging was Buckeye on. The nineteenth coal first of all, my m J W. How is the backside of of of the Dorfman yesterday? Any different? How are you back the? The. Never changes with him It's just the amount of maybe frustration showed a little bit more yesterday than the previous time. But you know, hey, he helped me turn around my game late in the round. So I have really no complaints. Did free. Well, y'all who calls in came fans calls in and Santa Monica called in. Buckeye fan call him in but yeah Miami Hurricanes and want to talk in a bit. Did Not, have the best showing penalties penalties. One play doesn't turn a game, but when they stopped them on fourth down or stopped on fourth down on the initial series and With the linemen we had toll on the line they called. ticky tack offsides, which was he was offside. I was watching that and then country goes in for score was all downhill from there I mean you know it's tough. You're planning the rain. PUMPS PUMPS PUMPING is an insane football team and Derek King The quarterback of Miami. You start it was like one on eleven the entirety that game I, mean us almost single-handedly kept him in the bogging there. As much as they left. Out Forty two points and their defense is just kind of tax. But let's wants a couple of other things. First of all are there like two new goats in sports is Louis Angleton now who tied by Michael Schumacher this morning with ninety one victory. Now, the new goat of of of car racing and what about your the? High. Federer Twenty Grand Slams I mean there was a pretty huge day outside of the NFL. Football but. Always jump in Real Quick Mitch and you know what? What Roffe is done on the clay itself thirteen. Grand Slams they're the guys a hundred and two at roland-garros I mean, let that let that marinate in your brain for a moment people. This guy is the most dominant. Athlete on any surface all time when it comes to clay, the guy is just a magician he is. He is unbeatable like literally unbeatable unless he may be has an injury or something that's GonNa stomach flu you name it there's gotta be something wrong with roffe Nidal for you to get a victory over this guy on the clay. So dude he is unbelievable, it's absolutely remarkable. It is to me it's the most impressive thing in any and all to be honest with you. It is it's an incredible and even and you know you talk about where the goats in their for respective field. What they're doing and they're to today they really of Snow Max Abbar you may never have been matched again and they're gonNA probably go on and breaking. New Ones and there there's there's new goats now in different parts of the world. Of Sports but you know my. How long ago was it? That the door fan was talking about Mattie ice ice like the goat. We're. Him Web Tobacco the Falcons my goodness. Gracious I mean. What what what what kind of humor that I mean we only the bears in the line put invent ways of losing but the Falcons of the new team that that the chemistry figure out new ways to.

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