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Hutchinson back on K. B. R. tonight how are you Sir it's getting very interesting already isn't it. I'm great your thanks from me on and yeah it is it's it's heated up this week too but thank you it up real quick yes it has not even know where to start check to be honest with you I let's start with Joe Staley how concerned do you think this team is about I know it's a big injury but at the same time they do have some bodies that could fill in for the time being yeah it's it's tough to gauge because we only saw school in the preseason and he had some moments where he looked extraordinarily capable many had some times or it looked like a rookie he was trapped in the sixth round so I think it's it's obviously concerned and it doesn't seem like something they're going to address in a trade I think sharing it with that basically you know what what options yet out there whether they would be aggressive any dead yeah we'll we'll we'll be aggressive if there's something out there but we we don't like what's out there right now so right now it seems like they're going to stick with school they got Brunskill of the backup on practice squad they've got Ryan pope who is I mean for on drafted rookies use heralded undrafted rookie which isn't saying much but they've got they've got some young guys there and I think their lead in a cake this week basically evaluate what they have and then they got a bye week which I think is a smart move you know see what you've got and then and then re evaluate and if it's if it's really that dire then you know you make a trade I think it's interesting the response to that I was the Die Hard fans hearing name Trent Williams went crazy they wanted that blockbuster move but I I think this is a really good opportunity for Shanahan to showcase how brilliant he actually is this is I think coaches over come at a great coaches overcome adversity all the time so you're left tackle goes down okay coach somebody up you can protect Iraq below I do get concerned thinking about school going on four weeks three four five being like you said six round rookie protecting drop below especially when we talk about so much how important is to keep that man up right all season long. yeah and then I have raved about I'm I mean what Jordan Matthews is still here granted you is also Vanderbilt Alonso he's gonna he's gonna praise another guy but he said he is really a humble guy and there's been there's been a lot of positives that you know come when people ask about school and and you're always going to do that with the rookie but you know from just from talking to him he does seem like you got a tad on right and and most people seem to expect that you can have at least some the number career in this league but you know he is a rookie you know music round rookie and you cannot expect that he's going to be anywhere near what Staley was and and it's gonna be a problem and and it really depends on Jan and like you said trying to game plan around he showed he can run an extraordinary game plan which is what he had against Cincinnati but you know it's it's tough to try and plan around a lot tackle we don't know too much really about I understand that I mean if you get Williams in here and you're basically telling Staley goodbye. yeah that's right it's just not gonna happen you know they they know I think it say we send that to your attention and Williams once a a big deal so I it's just it's not gonna happen Nancy tray Niners yeah go ahead I'm sorry don't strike me as the team that you know like you make those moves you know they will make one if they're really you know in desperate need of a position and they see you know top tier talent out there but it seems like you know the lan sharing an administration a favor you know sort of a stable approach you know make incremental small move straight fit six round draft pick but it doesn't seem like they're in favor of you know going for a big swing trading as high round draft pick plus I don't see Dan Snyder trading with anybody name Shanahan anyway. correct and beyond. you know I would so do you think that there will be no trading they're just gonna work with what they got in house because I want to get your thoughts on. made SO older who is a veteran right tackle on the New York Giants sock man I mean that I'm going to commit to you live next week I think I got it that's not a blockbuster trade but it's a solid trading a god would protect rob Lowe. sh yeah you know I actually thought they'd or holder was you know older than he was but he's only thirty one which was kind of surprised me I haven't I haven't really looked into the market too much and I'm gonna try to do that this week and try and look it is out there but you know I remember so older with the patriots he was he was a staunch as they get and and you know that's that's a reasonable move to make I think again though they're not gonna really unless they find someone who's really you know premium talent at a really low cost like a fifty six round draft pick I think they're at least gonna wait until the by maybe after the buy to make a move in and the fact that Staley could potentially come back in six weeks it's it's one of those things that might I think they might just bite their tongue although they have made moves in the past two years the picked up like in Tom once in that way they picked up Shon Coleman that way making making those trading away those low round draft pick so I I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever if they made a move but I I don't see them trading anything significant for it because it covers the forty Niners for came B. R. dot com to talk about the forty one seventeen win over the bangles on a Sunday and let's get to Jimmy Karabagh are what are your thoughts on the quarterback seventeen for twenty five to ninety seven three touchdowns he did have that one interception I mean you know what check people going crazy about the interception all it's gonna happen once a game I don't mind if it's happening this early to be honest with you just don't do this in the fourth quarter. yeah Elise here he recognizes that think it ends on words he called idiotic god knows if those throws where you look at your like well you just threw it in a quadruple coverage what are you doing were you you kind of wonder is he a franchise quarterback if you detain enemy has near the rest of the game you're like all right well either leaves got the pedigree so at this point he's still kind of an enigma I was incredibly impressed with how you performed I mean Shanahan game planned it so he didn't have a ton of you know extraordinarily difficult rose but he had to throw that he needed to hit and in week one he didn't do that and so just seen that you know Stephen throw that interception and come back and have a really really impressive game I think that says a lot what is the look like physically do you as far as that negroes because this look like to me on Sunday here he was really relaxed about his mobile army look like for the first time since he went down he's looks like the Jimmy Karabagh we thought he was. definitely any ran the ball four times there were think of her place in a row where I think he only got a yard but then he ran for nine to get it right right first down at that point yeah and so you know he's showing that you know if you need to get out of the pocket he will still hold your breath every time he scrambles on. I'm not I mean I know a lot of people are and I understand why but I mean if if you have to stress about every time your quarterback runs and here you might as well get another quarterback so you know what impressed me most about him was one that ability where you just you know he saw throw what's in there and he'd run for gore you know I think the most impressive play to me and it wasn't that impressive but just for a gross standpoint from week one to week two is that play at the end of the first half where he threw it out of bounds to depose Daniel and he threw away at about and he did the same thing on on a lot ask you tell you Jack and he just threw the ball away you know he threw it high in where they would have to make an amazing catch to get it but the defensive back would have no chance to get it and we won he didn't he didn't make those smart decision and we can we did and and so that's that's really encouraging for me and I think if he can be even slightly above average it's going to be an extraordinarily dangerous team well I also think it's very interesting to see what happens next week when the Steelers coming to town because I think the Steelers line is go but I don't think they they can cover anybody yeah you look at the linebacker for the Steelers they begin work the last couple of weeks combined twenty two targets a seventeen of those completed for their inside linebacking corps and I think rob was going to go off and George kills gonna have a day as well. yeah enchanting hand shown that you know he keeps I think he ran it twice once with Samuel once the cattle you've got these plays that even if you watched all the film in the world and you know Shanahan like to run the place is going to be you with them he has everybody every single person except for basically one wide receiver on the far side of the field and the tide dander or the wide receiver who splitting out everyone runs to the right to laughter whichever way the running and then rob Lowe will bootleg at last all right depending on which direction going in and you end up with a completely wide open at and no matter how much will you watch it's one of those plays that they sell it so well in cattle is so explosive and and Samuel has such a quick first step that it's something that they're gonna run it every week and it's going to work every week and so you've got a bunch of those plays and in the book right now and and obviously teams are gonna get smart to it at some point but I don't think the Steelers are gonna be one of those teams at this point are going back to Shanahan and how how brilliant he is obviously it was a it is a huge question mark on the running back position I I'm more more more so with the death we talk about Tevin Coleman going down but the backseat yesterday are not believable me look most third unbelievable job breed a look like he was straight out of Mad. Jeff Wilson junior as well who got promoted to the active roster and I like the fact that he's taking over the goal line duties. yeah a kind of validate what we what we saw in in the preseason always on practice that okay didn't just have good products there were the real players most artists is I think the fact that guy on the team I think they said that before and that's and has after breeder whose lightning quick and he is you know Barry Sanders you get one point where you're about to get stopped at the line I think you broke it for about ten yards and was crazy is read only took twenty one sap that's how efficient they were on the ground.

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