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Hi this is leah a longtime listener from cincinnati ohio things got a little heated on the facebook page this week so i'm here to remind you that when discussing these really palestinian conflict with your friends it's best to start with a beer or a mixed drink review all the latest drama in your lives catch up on your favorite television shows have another during eat a cheeseburger remember why you our friends in the first place talk about why people put leashes on cats and then google memes on the subject drink more and enjoy the weekend problem solved whether or not markley allen stephanie are attempting to walk a cat on a leash or facilitating debate on the conflict in the middle east there's bound to be some swearing in this episode this has been your obscenity warning this is marissa but i took a taxi here and i stole it from another person but i was there i but she didn't know it so morning delivered their first it's your taxi it's your birthright i don't live three blocks to my tax cuts right your ancestors were there four thousand years i already this is an orthodox leading jewish podcast according to items ntr mother who wants you to listen i'm your host mark oppenheimer joined this week by senior writer leo liebowitz low helu and deputy editor stephanie neck hello and this week ju of the week you'll see klein levy a big big joe major major ju big what's really cool about him is that he's a pretty right wing guy historically i mean he he comes out of the pretty hard right tar movement that basically wanted all of israel including what we call the occupied territories basically wanted it all for the jews and after spending a lot of time with palestinians he basically went on this listening tour and realized that concessions had to be made so the conclusions reached are the kind of things that get him hated on the right and the left which you know in my book makes him pretty cool his new book is letters to my palestinian neighbor and our gentle the week our geo w twelve is a step herndon recently minted political reporter for the new york times not a jew son of christian preachers.

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