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Yeah can i speak to joel please this is joel yeah this is teams buddy mike he told me you were looking for some boom boom i'm i'm sorry who who is this my name is mike tim told me to call you because you were looking to put a little more bang fourth of july party this year oh the fireworks guy yes i am the fireworks guy so what can i help you with okay so we're going to a lake house next weekend we go every year and i wanted to get something bigger than the suffix on the stores okay so you want the stuff is what you're saying yeah i guess my kids are getting older and you know the whole fireworks sticking the ground light it getting kind of boring okay well i can definitely help you with that so joel what is your last name okay and to clarify one more time just so i'm hearing you correct you joel mccower would like to purchase illegal fireworks for me i just want you know something that's better than the same old boring was that we usually get okay so the illegal steph i guess i mean i don't know okay well i could definitely help you i got thunder bombs black cats and eighties bottle rockets roman kane those i got cylinder tubes from china japan korea i got all that stuff yeah yeah yeah that's the stuff from talking about okay so the illegal stuff i guess i don't know yes it is you still want to buy some okay did you guys get that okay so where do you wanna meet me wait wait wait wait wait i'm sorry who who who is what is that other voice on the phone oh you heard that i sorry that was at the drive through i was ordering lunch so where should we meet then i mean do do we have to meet can i just give him the money and he can get them from you know no no i i usually only work directly with customers so you can see kind of what i have maybe we should meet somewhere like you bring the money i'll bring a bunch of stuff how is midnight for you midnight i'm i'm usually in bed by midnight i worked pretty early so still probably come to your house if you want no no that that's okay are you sure can't just give it the money to kim wrap up actually i think i'll just call you back or something and then we can figure out a place to me wait wait wait wait wait what was again and she said wrap it up am i being recorded right now no i have no idea what you're talking about okay 'cause you know just for the record i never said for sure i was going to buy anything from you or not well you sorta did actually i was like i was like i you show you wanna buy these illegal fireworks absolutely no no i never said anything like that you were real are you the cops no i i why don't we get back to what kind of fireworks that you want to buy your car and can you right now you gotta tell me tell all right i'm sitting right now i do not want to buy anything from you i don't want anything to do with you okay you are location i mean how would i even know your location okay okay ended up again i do not want anything you you're the real deal oti how smarter you this early in the morning martin not each time ashley's buster percent of us say do this while driving what do you think it.

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