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She was inside. They say pirates drove to a parking lot and sexually assaulted her really ride share drivers offered this advice on the driver must ask message. What's their name? This way? No way would be any conflict. Piras is in jail, held on $135,000 bond to smash and grab robbery suspects in the hospital after being shot by an employee. Police say two men went to the Pembroke Pines Mall, headed into the jewelry store and immediately started smashing display cases and grabbing the merchandise and employees pulled out his concealed weapon and shot both of the suspects. Their condition hasn't been released. Several buildings at Lakeland Linder airport were evacuated after employee found a live missile at the facility. Lakeland firefighters, along with the Explosive Ordinance disposal team examined the missile. They determined that it wasn't armed with a detonator, but it did still contain explosives. A South Florida share of sounding off on a mass controversy and Marion County, the sheriff there beginning employees from wearing masks while on duty. Billy would said the move is to ensure that there is clear communication and for identification purposes. But Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw disagrees. He says the pandemic must be taken seriously in the work place, especially in law enforcement. You get what employees whether it's on the road or the jail that has got this test positive you've got according to all the other people that around another, you could use 30 or 30 people at one time. That's not good, Wood says. Exceptions to the masked man include deputies in schools, jails and courthouses. With Florida's news. I'm Trey Johnson. W F L A News brought to you by the Holland Group Retirement Wealth Advisors. Does your home's water concern you? The chlorine and.

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