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So last year Mike Ryan and Stu Gods uncommonly happy that the draft to derive their team's terrible. They were very excited about the browns and the jets being in the game on. Draft Day today. The most excited person around here is Chris Cody. He slept in his Miami dolphins gear. He has just been like during breaks yelling at us that this is a normal weekend in sports for him draft draft draft. Jordan documentary the landmarks and life. Or just these these sports outposts and Stugotz I you know. I don't like the draft but one of the things I all. There are many things I don't like about the I don't like the instant analysis afterward when the people picking don't even know if they've actually made their team better. I don't like all the mock drafts. I think the mock drafts is one of the dumbest things in sports and yet Chris. Cody is all excited here. Because Mel kiper junior has again changed his mock draft in the latest mock draft. He was mad at Mel kiper junior for having Herbert in one mock draft. He's gone back and forth a bunch of times. I don't know if this is his final. Mock draft or the final before the final mock draft. But now he's got the dolphins taking to what is it about the day off coverage or the stuff that you're reading about and hearing because I I don't care what next to anybody is saying because everyone's being lied to. The dolphins can't take her to and an offensive lineman with number five. They can only use one of those things but now everyone's talking about the dolphins were trying to trade up with the bengals to get to Joe. Borough that is Adam schefters report. You have the report of reports today. Dan As we inch closer to the to the twenty twenty. Nfl draft on draft day. The draft is tonight. Then there's a report from Mike Florio that the dolphins are trying to acquire the third pick in tonight's draft. Okay without giving up the fifth pick and then taking the third and fifth pick in tonight's NFL draft and making the Godfather offer to the Cincinnati Bengals to try to move up to number one. It is a special day when you have godfather offer be measured on the actual day of the draft. What today all right. Please forgive my ignorance here and explained to me because Mike got very excited. When you simply mentioned the phrase Godfather offer threes. Explain it to the audience. That does not know why it is. You're so excited about. The Godfather offered Dan Godfather offer and audience is an offer. You cannot refuse. Oh.

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