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Show the questions persist where does it rank well in my thirty two year professional broadcasting career i've seen some things one of the most obtuse things was at jack murphy stadium in san diego i was sitting in the camera while working diamondbacks game and the light stand exploded suspending the game forcing the resumption of play the following afternoon randy johnson set a major league record that day striking out sixteen batters in seven innings in relief that's up there but then there was carolina and the coyotes and cam ward scale review of the play the park is caught in the goaltender skate escape crosses wine completely so we have a all wow i've never seen anything like it in the weirdest goal that you'll ever ever hear about that you're listening on radio the coyotes are on the board this one was shot at by the coyotes off the in boards and i'll be honest folks i lost sight of it didn't never did see the puck because it was wedged in the skate blade of cam ward the goaltender and so we heard a whistle and like i said i think you probably heard massive well ward has it secured this thinking that somehow he had it the players were looking around the net they didn't know really what was going on and all of a sudden the coyotes alerted everybody that hey that puck is caught in ward skate and he moved his right leg over the goal line into the net and that should count so the officials reviewed it and sure enough it's a goal i had no idea what was even happening until i looked at the replay so i don't know it was weird i don't i ever seen one of those games and you go through what happened skate goal sounds like porsche rob got down to you guys in the leaders initiating what's going on the bench yeah i mean i just heard maxine hey the puck on the vet and i honestly then obviously looked at the video and salt was.

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