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Sticking to its precedent Thanks Eric That's professor Eric Goldman of Santa Clara university law school coming up a major setback for the special counsel's investigation This is Bloomberg Burden LLP Make your kitchen ready for every summer gathering this Memorial Day with LG and lovers are exclusive appliance suite includes ranges with air fry refrigerators with slow melts and cracked ice and an exclusive dishwasher you can only find it lows Plus you'll get up to 10% back via a Mastercard prepaid card when you run to eligible LG products via rebate Shop Memorial Day savings hit lows After about 5 19 through 6 21 I select LG items only See lows dot com slash rebates for details and timing He accountants and advisers presents tax chat with Lisa Goldman partner and leader of burdens international tax and advisory practice An NFT or non fungible token is a certificate then entitles the holder to certain rights associated with a digital asset These assets come attack implications that will likely be governed by general tax principles The impact will depend on whether you sell trade create or invest in the asset making it essential to document on NFT transactions for tax purposes Helping clients plan for the unexpected is what we do at burden We develop customized strategies that help preserve our client's wealth and reduce their overall tax liability If you're a high net worth individual invest in in digital assets the burden help protect you your family and your business For more tax chat from burden accountants and advisers visit burden LLP dot com That's BER DON LLP dot com Burden accountants and advisers we listen we solve we do This is a.

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