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Well as kids are now back in school. Every district has similar but also somewhat different experiences. We'll get to that, too. But first, it's 5 15 traffic and weather every 10 minutes. First on the five independent woman, Lisa Beeton is in the head in perfect cleaning traffic center. Working on it. Virginia that would be clearing overnight roadwork 66 east out of Centerville to the Fairfax County Parkway West on 66. Now you're pretty good shape from the Beltway to get through Manassas, 95, Virginia South Bend after the centre Part Parkway to 17 Warrenton there also in the process of removing roadwork Maryland traffic beautiful. Nothing on Route four Route 53, or 1 to 10 anti 70 Give it 30 minutes between Frederick and Rockville now from garage door repair. Calm the W N l store March seven forecasts Partly cloudy today with a high It's being hot right now, 92 degrees will be our high Today tonight partly cloudy skies with an overnight low 73. Then tomorrow partly cloudy with a high near 91 still looking at scattered thunderstorms rolling into the area Thursday evening into Friday, and as of now, the weekend looks rain free, but Please. It's only Tuesday. That's going to change. Right now. It's 73 degrees in the nation's capital of 16 worried about what you're breathing in with each breath, allergens, germs and viruses get trapped in your nose. Now there's a simple, easy and effectively to clean your nose and protect your health. It's called lavage. TV. A G e available at lavage dot com. All right, I said, hold that thought, so, let's see if Julie Gundlach in fact held that thought you remember where you were about no clue that happened match. It's a good test that only I feel like I was set up. It only proves that it's 5 17 if the boarding but let's get to it. A lot of kids in across the area have either chosen to stay home. Do you have an idea in Alexandria? At least how many kids are going in to the schools were in person versus staying in there very cagey about numbers, so I don't know the exact numbers, but I do know that many people have left. The Alexandria school system either to go to private schools or to home school. It is home schooling is not a big thing. And.

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