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And good. There's an announcement I'll give this for free okay. There's gonna be some rocker little rock and roll express figures kevin say. Let's you through deb. Debbie really there's a new company arising yeah the sun and a lot of legends up to make figures for them their pro. I think if. I'm not i'm not gonna give you have to get on the show for me. But here's a so they're more than likely going to be the hasbro style figures But they're signing up some legends now to make to make some figures and the first tag team in the series is going to be the rock and roll express. Where can i go to buy those to get those you if you're a patron maybe on the next episode. I'll tell you where you could go. Why would i give you. Don't give away the stuff for free about the guys. Nobody cares about so care about it here. I'm just kidding about that. I didn't mean no offense by rushing to. Hey that's the picture. We need to get court mean you and the rock and roll express. We got an was with our double drop. Kick show mass. Do they probably won't it. Did i ever tell you the story. I was at a show w f and a podcast or had called or whatever he was going to interview ricky morton. And we're sitting there and i've met ricky several times talked to him here and i'm just sitting there sitting at mccain. I want here's doug dropkick king about this gap and like corey commun-. I can't remember like one for me thinking. Wow that's pretty cool pulling up in charlotte one time. Getting out of the car and ricky was walking out he walked over to us and said hey in like wall over shook our hands and said hey. y'all do. Yeah that's like the coolest he's cardi is a be cool. Yeah yeah yeah. That's going to be cooler. Couple of weeks. They and they probably circle that on their counter. They were like. Hey i wonder if the market mark are gonna come to this So joe i need to get joe to get me to get to those mask. And what if we end into where the math. That'd be great. Yeah so we grew up watching mid atlantic championship wrestling. Jim crockett promotions. Now that's what we grew up in if you didn't know the crockett family. There were several crockett children and jackie. Jackie who ran the camera. David who did commentary Jimmy who was the ball and then one of the sisters worked in office. Francis was the why i can't remember now Do you think jeannie crockett. Maybe you're janey or jeannie mai ingle. Crockett foundation books. Wherever there on my what do you think one of the longest running because they promoted steph other than wrestling own the minor league baseball team they brought in harlem globetrotters and circus..

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