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The stock futures falling a bit more here this morning. The Dow futures down 68 S and P futures falling eight points and the NASDAQ futures are minus 36 2 different electric Cordless saws sold it low stores nationwide and on the lows website or being recalled more than 256,000 saws are included in the two recalls. Problem is a switch that Khun fail while under a heavy load and caused the saw to keep running after the use of releases the trigger we have more information on the re called saws on w t o p dot com Search recalls. You think we'd be getting more savvy about online privacy, but Geoff Clay ball reports there's actually been a rise in some risky behavior. A study by RATES comparison site compare cards found 47% of people with a credit card or debit card admit to actually providing their entire Social Security. Number in an online form in the past month. That is up sharply from a year ago. And just 33% of Americans have checked their credit reports this year, down from 40% last year among cardholders who have been notified that their personal information had been exposed, 14% says it's happened more than once. Straight ahead on w T. O P. Maura protests across the country last night over the decision not to charge Louisville police officers in the death of Briana Taylor. It's 5 56 Here's Joma Creo, Federal channel business manager at Poly on enhancing the work from home experience for federal employees sponsored by Polly. I think the key, especially in a remote environment is engagement. Employees need to be engaged. They need to be talking. And if the subject matter isn't relevant for them, or they're not the right person for the meeting. I think those are things that have to be looked at. As well as keeping that regular Caden Stone with meetings. I think a lot of this is just good business practice. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network search Polly for the foreseeable.

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