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Whether it's maintaining the steam distribution system for DCs federal buildings or upgrading HPC systems are local schools, hospitals and universities. Eminem can rely on our partners at steamfitters you a local 602 to produce the highest quality craftsman. If your contractor looking to employ the most qualified pipefitters sign up with the inventors, you a local 602 here. General Contractor facility owner looking for the best mechanical contractor, Contact the signatory contractor like Eminem Welding. To learn more visit steamfitters Dash 602 dot org That steamfitters dash 62 dot org 10 27. This cybersecurity report is presented by Ford and at federal Here's Bob Fortner, president of Fortinet Federal, I think we can all agree. Cybersecurity protection has become too complex and too expensive and fortunate. Federal we keep it simple. One device one license one architecture, Whether you need a firewall, VPN SSL inspection, SD Win or Zero Trust. With 40. Net, You can meet your objectives with just one device. One license one architecture, keep it simple, and by the way, we have the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Check us out at Fortinet federal dot com. The W T o p. Charity of the Month is the Greater Washington Community Foundation. The Community Foundation is leading the region's philanthropic response to the Covid 19 crisis, mobilizing critical support to expand access to food, shelter, education and other vital services. Your donation helps the community foundation respond to urgent needs, and we're Towards an equitable recovery for our region. Their work is needed. Now more than ever Donate today. For more information, visit w t o p dot com Search CHARITIES. That's w t o p dot com Search CHARITIES It's 10 28 traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks Here's Bob Himmler in the W. T o P.

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