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That was the problem. Rupe. Here's the native American during. No, it's not. You said you took it for the NATO. No, it was an all American. When you took it from the bears ranking. So we took the land or your Rahmani of your implying. You took it from the native American spend more time worrying about what I actually fucking say and less about what the the subtext is. All right. I'm not wrong on that one. Oh, Jesus. I'm you. We're gonna. I'm going to be the second guy. You punch. I might be. George Cottrell wrote is at Ralph. I would love to hear you guys talk about Birch beer on your show. Have you ever tried Birch? Not? Is that from a Birch tree? It is. That's where they get the the flavorings, or though I don't wanna drink why you're made from a tree. I don't want what's why, because it's not even a good-looking trait doesn't even look like a juicy tree. It looks. It's a, it's the white. I'm not why go. Three, why would you look at that? I bet them something good and there to drain because they take it and they processed it in something good comes out of. It doesn't look like a cow. I see a cow. I'm like, yeah, I'll eat that. Do you. Do you. On its head and drink the white stuff that comes out about steak milk. How about a maple tree? Good point. Maple tree looks juicy like looks. It looks a lot. A bursary looks dead all the time. I'm going to take that as a no. No, it looks like a dead tree all the time. And this last Email comes from our listeners Scott Tipton. This is a reference back to Friday's episode of the row report where we were talking about John legend. We were congratulating John legend. We were, John legend is a talented cat, and he's very successful at he got, he's got. Now for those, you don't want an e. dot is e is e. g. o. t. it stands for winning the four major awards in entertainment.

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