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Joining us now on the hotline oddsmaker at Caesar's now because of the board podcast and actor on Fox Sports. One's new the daily show lock it in. It is Todd Furman fresh out of a movie. I think he went to go see Mary Poppins. And now here he is ready to talk to us taught. What's happening? I actually got outvoted girlfriend one. I wanted to see Mary Poppins, she said degreen books. So that's what we ended up seeing because that's the kind of friend. I am gentlemen. So now, wait are you moving the odds on green book for the Oscar because people love that movie. I thought it was tremendous. Normally, I don't agree with some of the Oscar nominations from what we've seen in the past. I saw love of water whatever the hell it was called last year. Yeah. Whatever. The fish thing. Water fishing water fish name one. I'm not sure what the hell it was called. A star is born thought the acting in that movie was tremendous. But the storyline left a lot to be desired this movie delivered beyond a lot of my expectations and think it's definitely worthy winning the Oscar for best picture. Wow. The new favor for Todd firm, and I liked that aren't first let's start here. With James harden? If I wanted to bet because we're trying to figure out the best way to bet James harden. If I said, I wanna bet James harden more than thirty points every game the rest of the season. What odds would you give me? I mean, you're going to have to take long shot odd because you have to build into the equation the potential that hardened gets injured or that there's some weird circumstance where he's not able to play a full game. Whether it's an injection, whether it's follow trouble or something along those lines. Although James harden can actually out of a game. He can only get follow twenty seven times in the course of a forty eight minutes span. So if you wanted to prop like that. I mean, I'd have to give you if you want something north of one hundred to one and while that sounds astronomical. You just have to build in the various contingencies. Because what I would do if I was an odds maker I would say harden has to play in every single game. He can't possibly take a night off. So it's the kind of bet you put out there is an oddsmaker. If you want you try and suck up as much money from the recreational batteries that you can't. And you laugh when harden has that game where he goes three of twenty six from the floor and finishes with a paltry twenty three. Well, he's certainly kept shooting tonight. But the odds all the way up to forty two and a half the over under. Reaction for the last week. Right exactly Harmon that dole thing. Ultimately, we talk about betting markets being efficient, and they'll catch up forcing betters to pay a premium to back either. The best teams in sports or the best players and spoke to the guys at bat online AG they said, forty two and a half is one of the largest over unders they ever sat on a point total for an individual player ever. Now harden if he finishes with the season averaging more than thirty five points per game can enter elite company alongside Rick Barry Wilt, Chamberlain Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. I think that is attainable. But I do think there's a little bit of an actress there because the offense is gonna change once Chris Paul's back, and of course, once clink Capella returns from his thumb injury. And what I trying to get out here is I think that actually lends itself nicely to betting Jaanus to win MVP because his odds have gone from being chock to being able to price and right around three to one right now. We'll now wait a minute. There's you know, what bet do I baked to make the most money, and there's really as James harden not gonna win MVP. I mean, let's play this scenario. Out if the rockets end up finishing. Let's call it between fifty s in the Western Conference and Yoenis represents the number two seed in the east, and the Milwaukee Bucks disheartened get the award and to back season we seen statistical monsters in the past not take home, the hardware because it team underachieved. I think it's a fascinating discussion. Now, I don't have a vote I won't claim to be a diehard NBA fan. But I think it's one when people are filling out the ballots late in the season. They're going.

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