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For the bay area all news one six nine am seven forty kcbs kcbs san jose firefighters prepare for what they're expecting to be a busy fire season why gas prices might be dropping from the recent peaks the possible short of long term impacts of the official repeal of today's net neutrality rules good afternoon i'm rebecca chorale kcbs news time twelve thirty one cbs news update the pyongyang regime must denuclearize says secretary of state mike pompeo ahead of the trump kim summit president trump believes that kim jong has an unprecedented opportunity to change the trajectory of our relationship and bring peace and prosperity to his country we are hopeful this summer will have set the conditions for future productive talks the face to face discussions now five and a half hours away correspondent major garrett the summer we'll begin as we might all expect with a handshake talk about a photo op and then possibly as many as two hours of direct conversations president trump came john moon only their translators present hussein university political science professor robert kelly sizes up the impending meeting from singapore concern i think that of many others is that diplomacy with a state like earth korea's a lot more than just whether or not donald trump he feels like he gets along with some guy that he meets for a couple of hours right i mean this is a lot more complex than cbs news update i'm dave barrett kcbs news time twelve thirty to the controversial decision by the fcc last year to repeal net neutrality rules officially takes effect today kcbs is mike cogan with what it all means first off consumers wall see any immediate impact but a nashville falco legislative council for the electronic frontier foundation says a repeal creates an unlevel playing field for smaller service providers because they won't have the deep pockets they won't have.

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