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Impacts. That could change, though with the track and timing of the upper level low will continue to watch that through the weekend. Right now I w b a p. 44 degrees. Fall out continues in the wake of the insurrection in Washington, D. C this week when a mob of President Trump's supporters stormed the capital is Congress certified President elect Joe Biden's victory correspondent David Sponte has more from people of interest authorities want to talk to. They want to hear from Jake and Jelly. I'm told he's a Cuban on conspiracy theorist who lives in Arizona and jelly broke into the Senate chamber at one point sat and the day is chair or vice President Mike Pence, sat just minutes before. Then there's Richard Barnett to Trump supporter from Arkansas who had a personal vendetta against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. So much, So he broke into her office and left this message. It said, quote. We will not back down. Authorities are asking for help to identify dozens of these people. You're also seeking information into suspects who plan to two pipe bombs outside the Democratic and Republican National Committee headquarters. Officers also arrested a man with the military rifle and 11 Molotov cocktails at the riot. State representative Chris Turner of Grand Prairie is asking the Texas Legislature to investigate Texas attorney General Can Paxton. He says Paxton played a role in this week's deadly breach of the Capitol building. It's really two things. It is. His presence in Washington is definitely part of what we need to look at. But also it Z the filing of the fraudulent lawsuit a few weeks ago that really helped to fan the flames and smoke at a stop the steel rally in D. C. Ahead of the breach, Turner says the Legislature could cut the attorney general's budget or Try to impeach him. Taking a look at the early numbers on Wall Street. The Dow was up 62 points. NASDAQ Up 94 points on the S and P 500 up 17 points from the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update a, said. 9 24 7. Coverage at W B A. P e com Oh,.

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