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Was in the audience. An i admitted i said i don't read the poem through before a start translating and she gasped and i guess too i said i know i'm trained as a scholar. I think it's appalling. The -nology for me is always like. I have several other things i used to do before i found out i was not ever going to be pretty good at one. Was i played piano violin. I never sat there. And said i get a read chopin's waltzes from beginning to end and then i'll start practicing cassia. You just start working on it and you. Sometimes something is working and you don't know why and you know there's the right word is out there somewhere and it's just not coming there and you have to kind of feel your way into it and if i did it literally i i would hate it because part of doing this. I'm trying to listen to the rhythm of the line and look at where the line breaks our it s a look like the same poem on the page. My dream goal which does not always work is to finish some version of the palm in the first day. That doesn't make me wanna puke. It's very technical on something that might just does not make me absolutely cringe and that just go back to it and go back and sometimes and this is where adam would get impatient. You just have to let you know. It's it spread. It has to rise. You have to feel like it's had enough time. And maybe the word comes to you or the the idiom that you were looking for or this you use four words and you can get it down to two. You have to do a lot of compression because polish grammar so different and polish city. Everything is so different that trying to avoid word ignace is a huge thing so being literal sometimes i adam knew of this he was totally okay with it but sometimes i would deviate from the literal sense because it made it sound so much better i wanted to keep it the poem sound good and they should sound good in english and sometimes if something is singular in polish i make it plural just because i can avoid having the which would call the line Messages thing beth. Ah but that's a liberty take yep at. He knew what liberty site took and sometimes i also made mistakes and he didn't catch them which made me furious. One time i made a mistake and he said oh. I didn't care i kind of liked it. I said you can't just kind. He wasn't like a. Oh what's the word. He wasn't a poetic micromanager. All was because he he was so productive. Which is something really miss. Because i felt like. I could always rely on having a book. I was two years overdue. On his adam was he was in the middle of writing a bunch of new poems right when he and i have two of them on my desk right now that i was working on before he got sick and an haven't been looking at them these past few days or or is that this is the first day. I talked to polish newsweek. They wanted an interview like the day after he died. But i know how they think about him in poland and they're they're so wrong and i had to kind of get out there and they really everybody knew he was as great international success and they resented the hell out of it and there was kind of cliche of atom of what adam sick. Afc is that had nothing to do either with the poetry or what. He was as a person because it's so much easier to think in cliches. They did it with me wash to they still do and shimbu sky so much easier to just reduce if you have somebody who's super successful in poland which means every person ever wrote a poem resents you If you made a reputation outside poland and then there were political reasons. Why all three of them got you know. They were not good to use the cliche polish catholics. They didn't toe the line. And so i had. I felt like i had to get in there. And i made the guy said it back to me to authorize and he'd put in a lot of the cliches that i hadn't said so back we wrote a paragraph so that he would get it right because he was talking about adam being arrogant and all high culture and it's a waiting not read the poems to say this is what is i have skied us. We don't have to bother anymore and it's nonsense is nonsense. I learned a lot about literary politics from translating all these working on these people. This is so unfortunate that you have to learn that too. You know that that this poem that you love so much is kind of like a canvas that other people can project. All sorts of their own grudges onto a national grudges because god that's a country with issues And at the two people. I was told this by someone. Well i won't mention the name because we're gossiping. But she said somebody who is in the know who really knew polish cultural politics. She said the two people. The government hates the most of writers are olga to cut. You can ski. Because they're famous ad. They don't like the regime. Outspoken about they they were showing up. For protests they were add with olga takhar cheek. They had to come around and now it makes me really angry because i'm following the press. Suddenly the polish government loves atom. of course he's dead. It's okay now. So they're giving him the the full honors which of keep deserved. It's going to be a big event you know. I be zoomed most of it. But it'll there you know totally. Yeah you already mentioned his great international success and so are interested in that especially the fame that befell him. Yeah america after publication of try to praise the mutilated worlds in the new yorker. After nine eleven and of course adamant written this palm i think click a year and a half before but really blew up then and found this. I'm nationwide resonance. And so i'm wondering what you remember about that moment You know him being all of a sudden this national symbol well in america. I think he loved getting that famous. I think it was. It's a little hard. When you you get to be one palm. Yeah it was also really odd. 'cause i mean that was a mistake in my translation. That was when he didn't correct what was the mistake. I know exactly what happened kaz. I remember he used to type his poems back. Then on a typewriter and scan them and send them to me and they'd be a little bit blurry at this one. It should have been drops of rosie wine. And that's what it is in the book for. And i put drops of wine of do because rosa looks like that's really. The preposition will case form of the word for do and there was a crease. There was a blur and i thought. Okay that must be where the oh was supposed to be the preposition. Oh wow when did you find that out after it was already published in the new yorker. Yes and adam said he thought about it but didn't tell me because he said i he.

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