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Dot com for the rockies a couple of key players out david doll with a broken foot going to be a couple of months probably before we see david doll again at amata vino we get an update on this morning from his manager he is going to play catch in cincinnati possibly a mound session at some point on the next road trip which is a three game rian cincinnati so at a montesinos coming along just fine the dodgers have a long list of injuries engine rea one of their starters is out clayton kershaw out again kate kenton majeida is out chase utley richhill and cory seager all are not going to play this game against iraqis today the reds to the next opponent for the rockies they have three pitchers on the disabled list homer bailey who was off to a really tough start is put put on the disabled list another time with a knee problem yet one of the higher er as among pitchers in the national league so he is out on the ten day to sample list rockies will not see him in this series coming up anthony davis cacophony is the same way with an oblique strain and workday davis is out with a hip problem around the maters the tampa bay rays have chris archer having some trouble said today that his groin is still an issue and he's questionable whether it be able to make his next start arches growing tighten up on him and yesterday's start contributing to early exit though visited doctor and have an mri which is scheduled for tomorrow the nationals manager davey martinez said today that he's still away some activating daniel murphy because it was knee problem this comes on the heels of multiple reports say murphy is not look comfortable in his surgically repaired right knee while in rehab assignment at double a harrisburg the second basement is slated to be evaluated by team doctors tomorrow murphy had microfracture surgery on his knee last october the twins and joe mauer joel mccower fielded at ground balls and took batting practice morning at target field it's a good sign after hours concussion symptoms return during on the field workout on thursday he will obviously need to string together some.

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