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The numbers. It's been announced that Jeff Bezos will get divorced. He'll be divorcing his wife of twenty five years. That's that's kinda sad. You might say. Well, what is he going to do now? Well, he's the richest man on earth. He's worth whatever it is eighty billion dollars. I imagine that makes him an eligible bachelor a lot of women the wife will well know, this could be interesting you've been married twenty five years. I don't know what the divorce laws are in Washington state, but she could walk away with twenty thirty billion herself. That's a pretty good deal. Let's go to Mellon Westchester. Hey mel. Hi, mark. I wonder if anyone notice that you'll live weekly. What's the president out of focus sprang focusing on the flags behind them the flags we're very short? But the president was soft all the way through. Yeah. I don't know if CBS has any control of that. That's probably a pool camera that supplies all the networks. I don't have to check that. Also, the sometimes they do that deliberately. They might have been the presence team doing that. You know, you get that soft focus. You don't look. So makes you look younger you'll know certain TV shows the anchors in a softer focus shot, then the guests. Let's go to John and Staten Island, John. Johny there. Let's go to Dave in Chicago. Hey, dave. Good morning Mark regarding the Democratic Party. World leaders must be shaking their heads. I mean, Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi come across as old outdated transparent. As far as Chuck Schumer's concern is he still doing the fake, news conferences and finally, Mark. What's the status of the caravan is they're supposed to be a second care of incoming? Well, that's a good question. You remember the caravan? That's all they can talk about the networks. The politicians the caravan. That's all you saw twenty four seven. It was something they just made up to affect the outcome of the election, the midterm elections. You notice the day the elections were over you never heard another thing about the caravan. The caravan couldn't get any more coverage. Democratic groups Soros types funded the caravan and the second the election was over that was it all the TV cameras and reporters left. The caravan was calling George Soros going. We're stuck here. I don't border help us in no more money. No, more food. No, more anything. I don't know what they did. With that caravan. Back home members Zuccotti park. What was that called Occupy Wall street thousands of people sleeping in the park. It was nothing but protesting, and then Democrats arranges Soros and company those types, and then they did some polling, and they realized it was actually hurting Obama because most people think well. Things must be banned under Obama people are camped out protesting. So in one night, they got rid of them. All remember the next morning woke up. It was all going on remember. Yep. A big Soros forklift came took them all away. Like, let's go to Perry in New Jersey. Hey, perry. Hey, mark. Good morning. Yes. I'm looking at all of the puzzles, and I'm looking at nothing works because the wool slows down people. The technology. That's going to be put in place doesn't stop them from crossing the border. Actually, does actually it does here and actually does. Israel's a pretty good example of that. Remember there had suicide bombers every day once they get the wall everything in place. No more that solve the problem. And again, we've done this in San Diego where they were just overrun with the illegals and crime. Once they put the wall up problem south. I don't know if I were up to me put a little wall up leave some holes in it because well, we need busboys when yes I go to the car wash. It's five bucks. You know, suddenly, the seventy five bucks anymore. He build that wall legal student now Ann Coulter will be with us later. I don't don't tell her that. I don't think she's listening. We need some you'll eagles, you know, because hey, when I'm in a restaurant, you can never find the waiter. But there's always twenty busboy standing there. Need more water more roles there? They are. It's perfect. Let's be honest. We need a few and without these illegals. Are you going to get a cab? Okay. So now Ann Coulter be here later, I won't say that when she's here get yelled at again, let's go to Jody in New Jersey. Hey, jodie. Are you good? Well, I've got to wait for them to not have government shutdowns anymore. Yes. Finally, passed a damn budget. Well, that's true. But what if we these shutdowns are, okay? We have them every year over the last decade or two we've had eighteen shutdowns. We had to shut downs last year. You remember them? No, nobody remembers them. So a lot of the workers that have been furloughed, and it's just a tiny portion of government shutdown right now with the workers who are working without payment. They said many of them are now working as Uber drivers. And lift drivers. Hey, by the way, keep an eye on that lift Henry, Kravis, the brilliant financier. Has bought lift. So what's something big to happen with that? Which is good. You don't want to be totally dominant. You want some competition there? Hey, we'll get to a Kevin Spacey. And all of that. Also Roger Friedman, the great entertainment reporter coming up a couple of big blockbuster movies. There's a Broadway record. That was set. We'll get to all of that coming up on seven ten W O R. Let's get to all the latest news. Here's Joe Barton. Okay. Mark mayor de Blasio wants to guaranteed two weeks paid time off for all people who work in New York City. It will wake New York the first city or state in the country to ensure that benefit is available to everyone. It would guarantee time off to some five hundred thousand people now working in the city without vacation time. It's still needs to be approved by city council. President Trump said to announce a meeting with congressional leaders today after making his pitch for that wall to the American people last night delivered a prime time address saying there was a crisis at the border Democrats say he's manufacturing crisis. And the family of a Twenty-seven-year-old Patterson and wants answers after his death. Jimmy glory was high in ecstasy walked into a police station was taken to the hospital died two days later cops a bit using force against them into an ambulance. But they say there were no signs of acute trauma. The family says they think things are being covered up next update at eleven breaking news at one start your day with Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning six to ten tomorrow. I'm.

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