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Beta and I think. What this is probably what this probably has a lot to do with is people are looking for. less than official channels. Data's. Right and this can be a problem for things like data security. And malware. Right yeah? So. Walk us through the step so far. Is it the same thing as if you were to download and install the developer Beta? Essentially except you're going to Beta apple DOT COM Instead of going through the DOT. Com Yeah Yeah so so you just go to bed at Apple, Dot Com Click Watch Os, and then when it's of and you do this all on the phone that is paired with your Apple Watch. That's very important. You can't just download the profile anywhere right and the phone has to be on the Beta I you you need you need. I. Think you need the latest Beta. To get the like I think you can't be on Beta one. And then update to the watch Os Public Beta when it's available I think you need be on. The corresponding Iowa's Beta. So if it's like if watch os seven Beta. Comes out, it would be I always forcing bid to public Betas to you like if it comes say. Could some point today. You need you need either developer. Beta two or public Beta one which are it should be noted the same built of the same Beta build so Beta to Beta to public Beta, one are the same So you need one of those, and then basically you tap the. Download profile button is going to appear. And then you're whisked off to the watch, APP on your phone. You hit install. An agree in some to hit a stall install and then agree and then. You then you want to restart your Apple Watch. Actually you'll get a pop up request to restart your Apple Watch. Just hit the button your watch a Lotta medically restart comeback. Unlock it then you can download in an install the Beta either through your. Apple Watch because that. That's something they added in watch sex, or what's probably the better solution through the watch APP on your phone because you have to open up to watch on your phone anyway. and if I'm not mistaken you, your watch has to be on its charger. So yeah, you need the walk on the charger and the watch needs to be at fifty percent charge already. So keep that in mind if you're at work when the the watch Os Beta comes out, and you get all excited about it. Don't shy. Because you unless you've got a charger for your watch at work, but Time. Enough tie does take away to be stuck there while you're waiting for it. You can't just decide to leave. Yes, you gotTa do all that with Wi fi all the good stuff, so yeah. One more thing. Excuse me. I'm to mention is that. We the like the Betas are very stable right now, and that's really nice. Last year they were a hot mess in a disaster, but just as a reminder, just because the first version of the Beta is in good stable condition. It doesn't mean that Beta to isn't just wreck your device, so keep that in mind when you're. When you got that Foam Oh, and you feel like you WANNA update. You're only iphone to the Beta virus fourteen just because it stable now doesn't mean it's going to be stable in the next time. I just have to like really hit home. How important it is to not do it and if you really are going to take that risk, make an backup up so that you can downgrade if you need to whatever Beta you're downloading, no matter how stable and this also goes for standard software updates, so keep this in mind. It's going to be a hot mess when it comes to the battery. I first download. Because it's got an index a lot of stuff in the background. You know things like photos and files and all sort of stuff so just. Have a charter handy and give it like. Our show, it is really hard. This is the one I haven't had that. pull to download much as I have for this one I actually was like. Waiting like what am I really did? I can't. I can't lose my phone, right? I can't lose my phone I. Have to have it. People that are like in dire need to reach me, I can't have it messed up, but every time I get a phone call and the phone call hijacks my screen. Unlike Unlike all no, maybe! It, okay. I know that this one's working really really well. There haven't been a lot of problems and that I see a cute little widget I'm like. Bloody, hell. I really do wanted like I really. This one is one that is just gonNA. Give it like I. Get so angry when you're doing something and something of a phone. Call that choice Reid denied do I. Wait to a message to them, do I. Is the is that the one like the the hijack of your of your your phone screen? Is that the one thing that's making you WANNA switch over? That's your biggest new feature that you're excited about. Yeah I think that it was and I. Think it was Rootin- truce beforehand. Right leg like talk like it made me angry that life you know. Here's something that you're doing something and then, if like someone's like I'm shutting you down, you can't do anything you're GONNA. Have Way you don't want to answer it.

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