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Are coming out next year not this yet so I feel like twenty nine. Thousand nine is kind of just being like the calm before the storm and next year everything's GonNa Explode. We're GONNA find out so much more about Nexgen <hes>. It's going to be a very different year so I just feel like yeah I feel everyone is kind of heads down at the moment yeah biding their time for everything the to really be exactly I mean I don't know if that's how you guys followed as well a little bit yeah I mean especially I think the second half of this year definitely feels a bit more pack yet especially like pre three. It felt like nothing was coming out in the second half of this year. Now we have a better sense. It definitely just quantifiably probably feels like less going on but hopefully gives a lot of stuff room to breathe and find audience. Yeah we still go with stranding sto big games coming out. I could be quiet. No it's not gonNA end with a whimper. It's it's just being like sorry for like we're in July now. It's just been it's been quite a Oh yeah <hes> Well Lucy. Thank you so much for joining me thank you. We'll see you back next week for ninety nine. We'll be there Jonathan back to you and whatever stuff you're talking about. I don't remember moving on from that. <hes> few segments wrap up the show I won. I wanted to do very quickly. <hes> I'm calling it dream of the week. It will probably not be weekly but I thought we could show off cool dreams made in dreams <hes> this one because I love when people recreate things <hes> a user by the name of mill box recreated the opening of crash bandicoot in dreams <hes> and basically like one to one redid the opening. I believe it's a crash to I want to say it's been a while since I've seen the openings of each of them what's the one where he gets an ear. Infection crash goes to the doctor <hes> yeah everyone's favorite but <hes> if you if you're listening to this crash nose and throat yeah this is incredibly well modeled. It's <hes> oh Mike God yeah. This is awesome <hes> when we first checked out the dreams Beta Alpha whatever it was when <hes> people started making stuff I feel like the level design.

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