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On a surprising ninth inning homer by lend sakata a five foot. Nine brewers rookie. Who'd been in the majors for five days. When the orioles came back to force extra frames however cristiani entered the game in the ten th brooks robinson led off the bottom of the eleventh for baltimore and the catcher grabbed. His bump willis bat to hit next rudy may told cristiani you know what we need. Baby i just kind of winked and then went on that. He said the forty year old robinson grounded out in what proved to be the final memorial stadium. Bats of his twenty three year career. His locker was adjacent to cristiani's and the orioles legend had welcomed him by name on his first day in the big leagues as cristiani wearing his orange. Alternate orioles home jersey prepared to hit next. He knew that his brother pete and family were among the leftover fans from the announce crowd of eighty two hundred nineteen on elite damp night. They had driven down from dunkirk aware that chances to see him in major league action might be few sam. Hinds a six foot six right hander. Missed with a fastball. He then through a slider that his fellow rookie foued off. There's a little uncertainty. About how many pitches and sued. The exact count has been reported as to one or one to by various sources but nobody disputes. That cristiani crushed it. Game winning homer about three sixty into the left-field seats. I was running so damn fast. That i almost missed for spacey said i was smoking. I was on my way to second and said to myself. This is going to be over before. I get a chance to enjoy it so i kinda slowed up the fans the players everybody went burke said. Orioles publicist bob brown. When dave got back to the dugout. He was screaming. Woo woo said baltimore manager. Earl weaver hell out of me. When his brother joined the postgame clubhouse celebration brooks robinson handed peter beer while dave entertained reporters my father's on his second childhood. Because i'm in the majors and joke. Sheila told me he'd put me in the italian hall of fame. Cruciani said he also remarked. I hope i never wake up. And he would go over three on july twenty eighth and work as defensive replacement on july thirty first and that was that was his last game. He was not called up in september. Then in nineteen seventy eight he was cast as a backup and had only two hundred. Seventy pats all year at rochester. They wanna play kevin kennedy every day. He explained redwings manager. Frank robinson told me. There's nothing i can do about that. It prompted cristiani to ask for trade. That request was not granted. Bus in nineteen seventy nine. Cristiani did not report to the team. Why waste my time. Go down there and get released. He said. I don't wanna play the same role again Finished his career with the two seventy four batting average in seventy nine homers in eight hundred twenty eight minor league games and a three thirty three average with one very memorable round tripper in the majors. So that's a one seventy three career s plus not bad. I will linked to the data that ryan sent along. He also included the total tally for walk off. Everything which led to some interesting fun facts so there have been twenty two recorded walk-off box in. Mlb history no better has been at the plate for more than one. Johnny gomez is the only player ever to have multiple walk off. Hit by pitches. August twenty first twenty eleven in april twenty twelve in on august. First nineteen seventy-one. Willie crawford became the only player in mlb history to walk off a game due. Catcher's interference from a write up on baseball toaster. Dot com in the nineteen seventy one game that ended on catcher's interference. It occurred in the bottom of the eleventh in a four four game between the dodgers reds with the basis. Loaded and two outs. Many motor attempted to steal home. Johnny bench came up from behind the plate and stood in front of it to get the pitch and then tag mode however since crawford did not have the chance to swing the bat. Because bench was standing in front of him out of the catcher's backs to bench was charged with catcher's interference and given was also credited with a bach under rule. Seven point seven is not to be confused with the august twelfth. Nineteen ninety-five dodgers game which also ended in a walk-off catcher mishap in that game catcher. Touch the ball with his mask while the bases were loaded. That's something that happened. Just season majors which invoked rule seven point oh five. Each runner including the batter runner may without liability to be put out advanced two bases. If a fielder deliberately touches thrown all with cap mask or any other part of the uniform detached from its proper place on the person of said fielder. that's an equipment violation not catcher's interference or a catcher's balk but that happened recently to and then joe damasio is part of a tie for most walk-off triples all time with three shared with his contemporary second baseman. Connie ryan the record for most walk offs without a walk off. Homer is louis. Ceo who had fourteen walk-off events twelve singles one error and one wild pitch with no walk off homers the record for most walk-ups consisting entirely of homers is eight by ralph kiner so eight walk-ups all homers for recliner and most walk-off straight up is frank robinson with twenty nine but relatively close to the top of the list is recently mentioned. Manny mota who had twenty walks with only one being a homer and jim thome who hit six hundred twelve career homers. He has the record for the most walk off homers with thirteen. So thanks as always to ryan. That's all going back to nineteen sixteen when play by play becomes available. Wow so now. It is time for you to go on vacation vacation..

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