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Judge has refused to accept a settlement agreement in the Purdue pharma opioid case The proposed bankruptcy settlement of thousands of lawsuits against Purdue pharma filed over the opioid epidemic has been rejected by a federal judge U.S. district judge Colleen McMahon rejected the settlement because of a provision that would protect members of the Sackler family from facing litigation on their own facing thousands of lawsuits claiming the company helped spark the opioid crisis by pushing doctors to prescribe OxyContin produce sought bankruptcy protection in 2019 The opioid crisis has been linked to more than 500,000 deaths in the U.S. over the last two decades I'm Mike Gracia Investigators have obtained a search warrant for actor Alec Baldwin's cell phone saying it could contain evidence that might be helpful in the investigation of a deadly shooting on a film set The cinematographer was killed and the director was wounded in the shooting and New Mexico in late October Baldwin was holding it the revolver during rehearsal when it fired He has said that the cinematographer hell no Hutchins asked him to point the gun just off a camera and toward her armpit before it went off Baldwin said that he pulled a hammer back and that the gun fired when he let it go off That he's said that he didn't know the gun contained a live round Well a familiar face is leaving NBC four after decades in front of the camera Wendy riggers been with NBC four for 33 years but now she's retiring from TV So what's she going to do in retirement First she's going to take a breath I think everyone especially in this town which is so go go has to give themselves permission to do that Then she and her husband are going to figure out what to do with their 30 acre farm out in rappahannock county We keep wondering if we're going to do an animal sanctuary And she says well she takes a step into the next part of her life she's excited to see those who step up to fill her anchor seat The other exciting piece about this is just to get out of the way By going to pursue what I want to do I allow them to pursue what they want to do Her last broadcast is today Michelle Morello TOP news A democratic member of the Virginia House from Norfolk is resigning delicate J Jones says he'll leave office by years end Governor Ralph northam will call a special session to fill the seat Jones ran unsuccessfully this year in the democratic primary against incumbent attorney general Mark herring who went on to defeat in the general election Jones is 32 and is seen by some as a rising star in the Virginia Democratic Party He says he expects to stay involved in politics but once to spend more time with family as he and his wife are preparing to welcome their first child.

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