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Am I just don't really see? And the clips the couldn't really score that wallet against the rockets either they have a really good defensive rating since the all-star break, and it was really just crazy three point shooting from the rockets. But also just I mean, they're getting great great shots. And so those be takeaway here is just the clippers defense. They've had an exceedingly soft schedule as they've gone this run and they came back to earth pre badly in a home game against the team. That's endear rival, though, many of the I mean, the clippers of turned over the roster twice already since Chris Baldry love. So maybe there was not as bad blood as there used to be. In fact, there is no one on the roster that Chris Paul played. For the clippers right now. Yeah. Lots of guys who were traded for him. But I don't think there's anybody and I was thinking about during this game. Also that Erik Gordon was traded for Chris Paul to. It was just what I was thinking about all the players in this game who got who had previously been traded for Chris Paul. But one other thing we talked about this briefly. I think it was the clitoris broadcast that said, maybe the clippers trade over Chris Paul was the best rate in infringers history. Now, I'm gonna say the trade four Chris Paul would probably have to be the best traded infringes treaty. Get top thirty of all time player for six seasons for Eric Gordon, basically had one good year. If that with the pelicans and depict became Austin rivers, and basically other things that were menial in other. Yeah. I mean Demi, but a media ended actually got his he got his fourth year option declined it back in the day. He took a longtime wasn't until he gets it. Dallas in fourteen fifteen that he really became an effective player. Right. And I mean, Chris Paul brought them to a an amazing level help. Of course by Blake Griffin becoming. Star as well. But I think Chris Paul was a huge part of what made lob city run. I mean, just I mean, I've been a big believer in Chris Paul for a long time. And yeah, at least in the modern history. That's that's the best trade for the franchise. The the other game that intrigued me, well, so the Brooklyn game that one and then another one that fell apart early. I was already to flip to nuggets Spurs. I think it was watching Toronto Brooklyn or maybe Boston Miami at the time. And then I see Adam modest tweet about pumps already been ejected. If you see what the hell I was just about to turn over this game. He got into it a little bit with the ref sixty three seconds into the game got tossed, and even though Denver was on the tail end of of actor back with travel having gotten worked by the warriors the night before they completely controlled the game. They were impressive offense ity. And also San Antonio only. They never broke twenty five and a quarter. The only broke twenty twenty two once and that was in the first quarter. So of really nice. Performance overall from Denver. Yeah. This was over it was Lani Walker and Quincy pond Dexter time before the third quarter was over that poppy junction, he wasn't as vehement as he was the other night against the kings. When they ended up losing a crucial game at home. And he got thrown out in the third quarter. After what he thought were back to back bad calls, but the nuggets went out five, oh and popped. It is call timeout is basically with ten minutes fifty seven seconds left in the first. And then he went and started talking to the reps that he got to then he hijacked Mike balloons press conference at the end and bike was joking that yes, can you imagine that someone Gotti jetted a minute into the game and public? Yeah. While what did he do you must've had to kill someone? So it didn't seem like pop was trying to get a jetted. But I mean, two games at Roe. And I always wonder with him. There's so many things it's like all that just pop east got this like great strategy. It's all part of the part of. This the game for him like or is it just he's got pissed off and lost control of got jacked. Get the benefit of the doubt..

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