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To the Friday edition of game has conduct. I down like record. I'm coming to you live from the Meadowlands the fan sports book or could be doing the Michael cassio. And we were doing the podcast from here as well. So flee everybody is going to have a great weekend. And let's get you started with a podcast kind of a continuation from yesterday after I had finished, my podcast and give my opinion on Pierre. Mcguire. NBC reached out to me via Email to say that Pierre McGuire had responded, and unfortunately, the podcast was already up. So I wanted to take this time here to at least give Pierre McGuire statement and his apology for what had happened back on Wednesday during the lightning penguins game that we discussed on the podcast yesterday. And I defended Pierre at the same time criticized him for the words that he used and here's the statement from Kierra I've known KENDALL for years and have had the privilege of covering her. As a member of team USA of patch. Two Winter Olympic. We were all thrilled to have her. Join our coverage last night. But at times my excitement got the better of me. And I should have chosen my words better. I've the utmost respect for KENDALL as a world class player analyst of the game and role models. So clearly I figured that's exactly what he would do. And that was the right thing to do. All right. He's a good guy. He just misspoke. And I think he did the right thing by having the apology. And there was a long statement made by KENDALL Coyne Scofield and give the gist of it. She had no problem with it. Because she's known Pierre for a long time, and she completely got it. So as far as everybody being offended demanding a firing demanding this that and the other thing I felt both parties handled it well because here too here's how I feel about offense. The person that needed to be offended the most or should have been offended. The most was KENDALL. And she didn't have a problem with it. But you also understood that he misspoke. I thought it was important that you put that understatement statement as well. Because of the fact, you know, what I? I should just read it for you. Anyway, and you you can make your own determination from here. And but I'll give you kind of the gist here. As far as PR is concerned, I've known Pierre McGuire for years, I know respects me as a hockey player a woman, and a friend, and that is why I didn't think twice about our on air exchange when it happened. I didn't give it a second thought until after the game when I received countless messages, I went back and looked at the video I understand why people would think it was inappropriate. If you were watching it at home and saw a man say, this to a woman athlete would have been offended. But what I also know is how excited here was to me. And to be a part of the moment while I wish it came out differently. I know PR doesn't question my hockey knowledge. But to be honest, that's not what's important. So I both of them handle it very well..

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