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It works on Valeska Plasma has been used for more than a century, but never like this before. Doctors at two local hospitals air giving it now to patients who have been exposed to the corona virus. But before they even get infected or developed symptoms tonight on news for you'll hear from researchers and a Maryland doctor who took part in the study, see how it works and what you could do if you'd like to take part in the clinical trial That's coming up tonight on news four at six. For the first time. A former CIA officer is speaking out about being attacked by a sonic weapon, not in Cuba or China, like the U. S diplomats. But while undercover in Russia here's w t o P national security correspondent J. J Green after dangerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, probably the most scared I've ever been, because I really didn't know it was happening. Vertigo, nausea ringing in the years couldn't even stand up. That's what happened to Marke Polymer Rapolas in early December 2017. He was in Moscow just about a week later, just as well. Down for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Moscow It happened again dizziness and nausea and those symptoms for years later, I'm not gonna wait. 24 7 migraine, but his biggest worry today. Reluctance CIA to acknowledge that something has happened to us and to get us the treatment that we need. Spokesperson Nicole Hey says CIA's first priority has been and continues to be the welfare of our officers. J G Green w T o P News GOP at 5 53 Legendary British rocker Spencer Davis has done Davis was the British guitarist and band leader whose eponymous rock group had 19 sixties classic like I'm a Man and Give Me some loving, lead singer of that band was a very young Steve Winwood. He was a teenager. At the time. Davis's agent says that he died in a hospital while being treated for pneumonia. He didn't give a location, but British media reported. Davis lived in California. Spencer Davis dead at the age of 81 coming up next in money news, that online grocery thing Am I just catch on Jeff labeled 5 50 for right now we.

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