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It's time for up so two hundred thirty one of the clockwise podcast from relay fm recorded wednesday march seven two thousand eighteen got wise for people cortec topics thirty minutes no welcome back to clockwise the tech podcast that still thirty minutes regardless of that pesky daylight saving time or daylight savings time if you're in the us by the way got a spring for the sunday dan so don't forget that i've mom warming up the quads ready to jump amalgam of those first second there is a wire their legs involved now my my jokes ejected mehta that good well of course that is my leaguie cohosted dan morin and a it is time to introduce our awesome guess to my left is proprietor of core assistance it is just stirred beihai oh wait that's not your name it's just and michael hayder el everybody i'm doing great great to be here and to my left returning guests one of our very favorites editor at it pro today and podcasters incomparable as well as many other fine pursuits lisa schweitzer's back i lisa hi thank you for having me back at love this podcast we are always the way to tear it yes we are and we're delighted to get this show role and you know how it works we've got four topics we've got thirty minutes and i am going to kick things off pretty chile around here lately and i have digest got back my utility bill for the last month and it was not great give us a little high so i've since made some adjustments i have a smart thermostat but it is not the nest learning thermostat it is eko bees or echo be depending on how you pronounce it the thermostat i'm curious do you have a regular all thermostat that has a little bit of a inside that when it falls and brakes everything goes wrong or you of a newer thermostat or something between or smart there i i'm just i want to know about your heating in.

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