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Yeah. I mean, even though there are no criminal charges being pressed. The police report states that he, he struck a woman, and I mean, that's pretty in this day and age. That is very clear black and white, and it's just something you don't do it. There was no place for that in society alone and more specifically on the torture football team. Like this is just once it got out that this is something that he did, regardless of whether or not the recruit all criminal charges against him. It's just it's an untenable situation, O'Connor a on what had seemingly been a very quiet afternoon relation to college football that has now changed. I know you're busy, you appreciate you coming on. Very short notice. Thank you for sharing the information. Plus I thank you fall cry to rally you heard what he said there. This is a big deal. And you're talking about a team that lost a lot in that position players coming out. So that will be one. We'll be watching very closely over these next three or four weeks before media days. And then ultimately the start of summer workouts listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Then a very busy show. We had grant Williams on a couple of hours ago and it seemed like the NBA draft might carry the day, but things have changed in the last hour. With reports. Georgia is now confirming that you're a mile Holman Haldeman is off the team. This is a report that came out it came out about an hour ago that the leading wide receiver remember Georgia has lost a bevy of wide receivers to the draft in to graduation. His is off the team after an assault allegation. We have been trying to grab as much information as possible. So they. Breaking story on a Friday afternoon in the summertime. A lot of people long gone. But fortunately, we found someone can maybe give us some more perspective on this story, and this Mr. college football, Tony Barnhart, who. Follows that program very very closely and perhaps can help us better understand from a national standpoint what it means. Tony, thank you very much for joining us. It's always a pleasure. So we none of us know a lot other than that Georgia has apparently confirming that Holloman is gone. Good afternoon. And what does it all mean? Well, what, what it all means. Paul is everybody that follows Georgia knows that wide receiver was the most was the hardest hit position that position where they had the most question marks and Halloween was a guy after catching twenty four passes last year. They're they pretty much expected him to step up and be to go to receiver certainly one of them. And so they've got some freshmen coming in. They've got meet Robertson transports cow last year and didn't really meet expectations. But he's, he's talented. So now this just puts a big question Mark at position. That already had quest- marks. And it's just and it's not a great look in June. That's it's a long time to practice, but I promise you that this is not how the fans wanted to spend there's Friday, the last Friday afternoon or the end of June. They did not want to hear this. No. And you know about this point next week. We're moving into the fourth of July week and, and a lot of people are moving into that state of mind. Already in Tony. Listen, Georgia fans pretty optimistic we know about the talent and, and I don't think anyone is suggesting, this is the end of the world. But I it just for some reason has sent quite a chill across the nation today. And I'm looking into you to try to help explain that is it is it just the fact that Georgia is week at that position because they're strong it almost every other one. You know, Paul, when when you sit your situation live, Georgia in Georgia's, like and everybody's top three top four a team that when you look at all the magazines, they are expected to, to make the college football playoff when something like this happens..

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