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Two billion dollar market per year in the U._S.. Also you don't really charge for the kind of old EXTA value at that. We have unity so you're basically nine and that makes a lot of sense. You're you're adding more value than anybody else in the market hit and therefore introducing yourself as a value added option to take share yes it's awesome I love it and it's great right because that's the Byu innovation and the benefit to consumers and and practicing physicians is when things get better and there's existing codes tobacco them then you doesn't increment your costs but enables you to increment the value added patients which is which is inevitably a great thing yeah yeah I mean the feedback that we received from will be Wyans. Genetic counselors. Medical <unk> has been phenomenal like almost everyone recognizes Hafbro materials turtle carrier testing birth Lois new tests all these mothers you get all these positives in dozen even. Delete to any actionable outcomes because you don't figure out what the baby has the day and they realized how unity will fix it and they really liked the fact that it's not a five thousand dollar auto <unk> pests. It is a covered benefit ruled today man. That's awesome and frankly I'd tell you what that definitely is a proud moment. We always talk about all right hanaway add value. How do we add innovation right when you when you think of like the traditional equation for am I doing being value based care you divided by how much value you're offering an additional cost? It's coming in and you're not adding additional cost if that you're leaving so much more value I mean the are in fact decreasing local healthcare coasts. I mean if the mother is supposedly than the father needs to get screened in the current workflow. The don't require that so it cuts down the task goes but it also in terms of actionable outcomes improves the healthcare scare outcomes in very significant ways while man that is so cool I mean I think it's a it's a really neat approach that you guys took and I mean how did you guys land on that so I think we landed on that by just realizing first thing that most diagnostic companies fail not because they have a background check but because it takes us of trying to convince the system that their product should be paid for in that realization that gets foundation sponsored the research on this Y via GNOSTIC companies failed number one reason while that it takes years for reimbursement to kick in and they don't get paid so we started thinking about okay what would be a way to build a product from day one on what would be a vape to add value to the system and still get paid by building your diagnostic products that sold on in very important Norton Unmet medical need but also enables us to use the existing system to get paid man. That's genius. I love it nights and it's the power of questions folks if you think about the business models that you're that you're shaping the example that Assan just kind of gave us is you don't have to invent something and try to convince the system to form new reimbursement think about that reimbursement model that exists what what player is there. How can you add more value than that player and take market share while improving outcomes? That's the key love it love it. Love it and so what would you say is the exciting product or focused that you guys are most tuned into right now. So we are unity unity. They're still have a want to get unity to handle essentially every physician in the country and really make it the gold standard for carrier testing it is how it should be done so focusing on that in making available is our primary goal but we also realize that the molecular counter that we build souls many other molecular uh of diagnostic solutions and really want to build solutions that are not only affordable land not only be merciful but also the want to build them in a way that the cost structure of these solutions enables enables them to be distributed globally though that is another thing that we are working on both with unity and the Oncology Diagnostics that we are working on that making sure that the price the cost of the test is so low that they can be sold through distribution partners globally beautiful while emissions bear and <hes> also the economic proposal the structure. Is there so certainly wishing you guys the greatest success. Ask Your next steps getting close to the end here Ozan <hes> we've got a lightning round followed by a book you recommend the listens you ready okay..

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