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To ten days every single one improves there was no mortality wow what we have done a PhD type on before you came on tonight when and he is talking about vitamin H. E. N. D. and he really believes that helps with your immune system to absolutely I mean the Dr downing and a number of other doctors have put together some preventive medicine and they talk about vitamin D. vitamin a magnesium selenium and zinc as well as well as vitamin C. I take every day all of great well that's your cocktail that's that's your preventive cocktail you know when somebody gets sick you've got a really upped the dose of C. I mean and if you don't have it you're just trying to prevent it you need about three grams a day if you have it you certainly have to take you to a row of terraces as they call it he's talking about you know ten to twenty grams a day and sometimes you get something like ten grams and our and you don't have to worry about it because you know if if you hit tolerance level of it you'll just get diarrhea essentially but it's not going to harm you isn't it amazing though that the with some of our foods we can get some of this but you really still need to supplement well that's the problem George because we used to be able to get this from our food spot more recently oils now foods aren't as nutritious as they used to be when they've tested things like carrots they only have a tiny amount of vitamin a compared to what they used to have fifty seventy hundred years ago same thing with oranges blues oranges don't have any vitamin C. and then anymore so that's why we have to supplement you know we're we just got to the point where our food just doesn't have what we need as much as we need it now it was Linda Taggart to next hour will lead us in an intention experiment to hopefully downplay this coronavirus and get it to replicate itself and get America back to work again have you ever in your lifetime gone through something like this before no need to let me know and I never thought we would I I think it's amazing that we have this extraordinary locked down it feels like we're in a war really does it really does and what happens when the previous guest says history is mandatory vaccines will happen for big pharma what do you think of that well you know I worry about that too because I mean whoever thought that they would force us to stay in in quarantine ourselves actually but I'm very worried about that because the last time we had a big scare about a virus the swine flu back in nineteen in the seventies they rushed down the vaccine and the first of all the swine flu epidemic never happened but secondly loads and loads of people got a thing called Gillian beret paralysis yes one on one of my doctors got that he got to his his arms and legs were paralyzed Luke million so that's the worry about rushing out of vaccine and forcing people to take it I am worried about that too and I think that's why we are seeing the suppression of the information about the jeep tours that we've got for corona virus to keep treatments like vitamin C. because you can't patent it you know they can make money on yeah they can't make money they can't make money out of it and so I thought they would certainly will with the vaccine and the drug companies are you know a rubbing their hands together right now probably thanking the person who came up with the coronavirus whoever was yes absolutely that's another issue too I mean there's certainly stories circulation is there was a story in the Italian press about how the Chinese were experimenting and just wanted to see if they took his bad virus an attached it onto a corona virus and nine and according to the story the U. S. heard about it in with the poll they had to do doing some funding with them and they they pulled out so I don't know that one story in the press but it it seems to be it certainly is a new virus it and it certainly is causing you know immune system storms with certain people and I don't believe that this planet creates these new viruses naturally the way this one has I can't believe when that one person that you guys a call zero per patient but they can't find that this one person in Wuhan China started this and look at it now it's worldwide I just don't I just can't believe that no I mean I certainly you know there there isn't any solid evidence for for China unleashing as to you know to cull the population but I it could have been an experiment that went wrong and then it when it started you know we started replicating in in humans it was something they were playing around in the laboratory and got out no that's certainly that's possible but it really is did you hear the story of the lab worker in Wuhan where they were experimenting on these viruses was selling the tainted animals to the markets and made a million dollars and they put him in jail well I haven't heard that but certainly that's another theory of how this happened is because of those wet markets and selling animals you know who who have the viruses and then it somehow getting into the human chain but yeah I mean the thing is and I think this is the thing that people don't understand that we're being told this is a random killer.

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