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They agreed to go in the vela and they're already pissed but that always happens with new things. So how'd you get paid the first three episodes of your cereal. Cereal are free to readers. And then after that the way people purchase their new episodes after the first three that are free to the reader. So you really have to hope those readers in the first three episodes with that's kind of normal with a bookie by chapter three. You really want your reader hunt. So they have Use tokens to purchase the next episode. In this is where a lot of authors are getting upset because when you sign up for kindle villa. They're automatically giving you two hundred free tokens and if those readers use. Those free tokens. You're not getting paid for them. So this is one of the things that a lot of major corporations do especially with the new service. Thank you if they try to give as much they try to hook you into the new service so i think some authors are like well. I signed up. I know not getting paid for this. Because if people are using free tokens and that's not fair and ice either point but i think it was also in terms of service which we all know. The terms of service of everything is very convoluted and hard to read so there is some confusion about that in. There's some frustration but it gets a little trickier again because this is you know. This is the way of the world. Everything has catches so readers by token since so you can get like and by unlike packages. So for instance if you buy. Two hundred tokens is trudeau. Ahlers those tokens to For every hundred words it's one token so few published fifteen hundred episode. It's fifteen tokens. If the episode is actually fifteen ninety nine one thousand five hundred ninety nine..

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