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Dow was down with it as I speak and that's going to change quickly the Dow was down seventy five nasdaq's up a hundred semiconductors up sixty seven so we are letting you know regardless of the news this second we're getting some serious outperformance by task semiconductors technology types and we think it may actually start believing the rest of the market to a certain extent now we're not do fixes here we must put in disclaimers we must put in caviar and that is virus how many cases how many deaths where we have to put into the equation these morons in the Senate and the house trying to come together with a bill by the way at one fifteen PM this is Monday they still could have been voted on the bill and guess what they're both doing both sides a single over each other so the people that are by the way you know me I don't I don't expect anything from them how do you expect anything from people that have spent twenty three trillion dollars more than we've given throughout the years I'm expect anything but you would think during the crisis maybe they can sit down have a little cool Bayat moment just throw away all the crap not you know what they do the Democrats you know they threw into the bill you ready for this regulations on airlines I mean we we we're we're not making this up these morons these imbeciles in the Democratic Party put regulations on the airline into the bill while the airlines are almost in the coffins in order to appease the green movement I wish I could say I'm making the stop on wish I wish I can say that I'm reporting from the young and you know what the onion is right it's a fake newspaper that puts out all kinds of sarcasm the Democrats put in regulations on airlines into a bill that's supposed to lead us save us now I'm not a violent person you know I've only been in one fight in my life and I did get a punch off in high school I was a wise **** and Robert Braddy punch me in the head so I'm not a violent person I do love professional wrestling I'm not a UFC guy but I feel like put my fist through the TV on these people and then politics but I have no control of them and they don't care and they're probably going to get a deal done they'll be a deal done sometime today and we'll see how the market reacts to it because the answer is I don't know but I'm letting each and everyone of you know right now this second it started on Friday and you're getting more for today nasdaq is now in full what we would call listen carefully outperformance mode and those areas now will lift the rest stop don't know you know why because it's one seventeen down the nasdaq that was just up a hundred is not only a fifty five because the Dow which was only a seventy eight was down seventy five is now to down two hundred but again member we were greeted measuring what grade the relative strength in the market so we'll let you know that's going on here and what you do with it we're not going to tell you what to do and the fact of the matter is going home longer short right now who the hell knows what's going to happen overnight I mean we have to deal with what other countries are doing which by the way pretty much shutting things down also so we'll see where this takes us there's no way shape or form we can call the low in the market I saw somebody on TV do that I was like oh really UP next.

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