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Good afternoon. Welcome to the Northern Kentucky spotlight. Thanks for joining us here. Hope your Monday is going well I'm Katherine Niro some out to be on once again as the host of the northern spotlight. Jerry shredded man in the operations on the other side of the Jerry, how we doing today. Good. I'm over here pushing all the buttons. We got some great guests to day. We've got RJ E and Doris They're talking about getting your workspace ready for going back to work if you haven't already or if you're going back to work maybe how to reconfigure all that stuff and we also have a special guest on today their vice president of public affairs in Communications Kristen Ball when she's here to tell us about voting. But we also have some some people that make it happen. Tell us about the sponsors. Absolutely. Thank you as always cg who by the way, some interesting news coming up about CG in just a matter of moments. Really Great News for the folks there at C.. Thank you for being our title sponsor once again, and for see crew consulting our digital sponsor and we couldn't do it without you. We're GONNA get to the Northern Kentucky Spotlight News here coming up in just a bit but I would be remiss if I didn't remind you to subscribe and share and all that fun stuff wherever you're listening or watching we WANNA, make sure all this information gets out and there is really Nothing more important right now then how and when and where to vote and Kristen so we're just going to turn it over to you what what do we need to know right now what's the easiest way and what are the recommendations right now wolf thanks again for having me up tomorrow we're six weeks away from election day. But here in the state of Kentucky we're going allow you devote a little bit early and you requested absentee ballot but today for listeners when make the soup breezy tomorrow is the National Registration Day. So all across the country, a huge push to make sure everybody registered to vote The for those of us that Arbor should vote WanNa, make sure that you're also. Encouraging others to vote and also make sure your information is up to date for those of you that will be going and requesting absentee ballot you're GonNa, make sure that your. Your home address is correct because they can't send an absentee ballot to address that may be at a date. So you have between now and October fifth to update your information and register your information. So it wants you to go to our website vote in K, Y DOT COM and there's a button to click on registered to vote but won't also to you to help remind your friends to vote again talking. People, your friends and family and your colleagues make sure they're registered to vote. Make sure they're doing everything to get prepared for this election. It's coming up again we're six weeks away from election day but we wanna do everything we can to make sure but he's registered to vote and that their information up to date. So again, go to vote in. K Y DOT COM to get all your latest information upcoming election. morning in our staff meeting Kristen shared the website with us and I think the biggest part with all the crazy times we're living in is they have a plan and I it's great I live in Kenton. County. So is able to go right on there and see click through all the links and figure out like where I'm GonNa go vote early and and how I'm GonNa, do it all and yeah like it's great because I'm pretty close to the independence location so and take five minutes and Important to point out kristen because I know you must be voted in the primary and we know if he voted in person to one place per county really to do that, it's going to be different this time around. So can you give us the four one one on this should be voting absentee who should be voting earlier go on election day and all that good stuff. But hopefully back here, each Monday to give you guys a breakdown of information for. All of those details, every counties got to have an individual plan approved by the Kentucky Board of election. So some counties already got those plans approved others have not. So there is some more details coming out but for those people that are interested in doing absentee ballot, you can go request your ballot. Now you have until October ninety that one, but then there'll be some in person voting and obviously day of they'll be very specific box where you can drop. Your completed absentee ballot for many people that had concerns about placing their their completed ballot in the mail, you're going to have specific places around your community where you can drop those completed ballots at. But again, I'll be back each week. It's a lot of information it's going to be unique every county. So those of us that may live in Boone County we're GonNa have a little bit of a different plan than those in Campbell but we WANNA be. A resource again that vote in K Y DOT COM website on our social media to share out and find those specific county by county details of window and where to vote and really important. We're GONNA talk about worn these coming weeks is about those Saturday voting options you're gonna be able to vote Saturday in in person no appointment needed add variety different locations across the region. So stay tuned for that and we'll give you more details as they come available. Great Kristen. Thank you and that just starts kicks off the headlines For this week and I know Jeremy You and I. Both are big fans of Newport on the Levee and what they've done over there, and now to hear that the new or the old barnes and noble building is now going to be what's called. The exchange sounds really cool. So it's GonNa be an artisan market coming to Newport on the levee there So it's gotTa be over before the holidays, which is great. They're talking November here. So So essentially what it'll be as. A. Bunch of smaller businesses are artists and artisans in. It's kind of really just renewing that commitment the Newport on the levee house smaller businesses that we've seen in bridgeview box park, and the cool thing about that is in all this discussion about the exchange opening they also said Bridgeview box park that gorgeous outdoor area there that was we're Mitchell's fish market used to be. They're going to weather proof that somehow. So looking forward to all of this, it's going to be really new look for Newport on the Levee and my friend just over their new. Into Levy, he's kicking butt man is. I'm super excited for all the growth it's going on going there. Speaking of growth DB L. The largest law firm in northern Kentucky they broke ground on their new office that they're gonna down in Covington it's eleven point three million dollars project redevelopment project in the historic Fourth Street doting, and Covington love that building I can't wait to see what they're gonNA, do with it DB L. laws founded in Covington but his operated in Crespi hills in recent years and they expect to move in during the fall of twenty twenty one it's awesome. They had a really cool kickoff event down there at that that new Covington Yard fewest Jayme Remember Covington Yard. News. The second. We can take this podcast on the Road Jerry. We're going outside for that, right? Yeah. Sixty two part we'll do it with also as we mentioned as we mentioned as CBGB's got a really this incredible. Honor and really it's an honor to their credit nation. This took a lot of work. It's global health accreditation, and what this means is that we all know people are a little bit on. You know when easy about flying right now they think I don't want to go an enclosed area I. Don't know about this we'll cg has done is separate itself from the rest of really the world frankly on cleanliness. So it is the first airport in the Mid West and only the third in the United States to get this awarded an industry award, a global health accreditation about done by third party if based on cleaning disinfection physical. The layout of airports passenger communication staff protection. Really it's it's across the board and it shows that the airports really making sure that everything is clean and hygienic as we you know and that they're going above and beyond to really make sure we all fly healthy if you're choosing to fly at a CBGB's congratulations. This. Next one is super important, and also I was something that I was looking to kind of figure out like how I was going to get a flu shot. But Saint Elizabeth is offering a drive through flu shots There's going to be several locations throughout Northern Kentucky This Week Wednesday September twenty third from eight am to four PM at the crittenden primary care on Saturday October third from eight am to noon at a Florence pediatrics on the new call Saint Elizabeth to schedule. An appointment and it's for anyone twelve and older. So the kids you still got to kind of figure that out. But for myself and my wife, you know we're like, okay, we got a call get this all set up and then you'll stay in your car and you wear a mask and you have to bring your insurance card but it's so awesome because you can just get through get it out. You don't have to go in anywhere just drive.

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