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AM and ninety four one FM Nihar radio station. Libya's you a question how many apps do you actually have? I'm your. I counted I have ninety six apps on my phone. How many apps do you actually use time and time again, I counted probably like nine or ten I mean that I use on a regular basis. And then if we branch out maybe sixteen or seventeen of them, how many apps do you have on your phone? Hundred into are. They all yours. They know know about eighty percent of them on my son's games. Okay. All right. So one hundred and twenty downloads anything, and you let him. Well. Yeah. Of course, I just recently had to take his fingerprints off the phone because he was paying buying too many engaging purchases. And my wife was yelling at me. So how much how much has he racked up three dollars charge? And then a five ninety nine charge. Take take the fingerprint off the phone where you okay with that. Yeah. Because he I mean, he knows the password. So it's fine. Dad of the year award. Yes, I'm I'm dad babinski. How are you? All right. So it'd be interesting for us to talk about some of the great apps that we have on our phones. And then with the goal that people would be able to say, hey, you know, what I didn't know about that. And that's how I find out about most absence through word of mouth where someone goes. Well, why aren't you doing this? Why aren't you using? This is not the ads that I see on social media. Trying to push the ops on me. Now, how many apps do you think there are in the apple store right now? I would guess like twenty five million. Not quite that many. No last time I heard it was like two million. That's it. Yes. It seems like there's an app for everything, but how many apps do you actually use probably seven. So which what seven EPs do you actually use? What am I favor is called and light? I have that. Yes. It's a photo editing app. It's basically Photoshop on your phone and the way I sell it to people as for my nieces ninth birthday. I put up my phone on a tripod, actually, not even a tarp. I put it on a laundry basket instead a pillow in front of it. That's class. Thank you. And I took nine photos of her in nine different poses in nine different outfits in the same room, then using the N light app. I mix them all together. So that looks there's and it looks like I- professionally Photoshop did. And I did the whole thing on my iphone, which is really cool now, that's so impressive. That app is enough free. It is free. There is a free version of it. There are a lot of things that are. Behind the pay wall. But if you wanna do layering, if you wanna mix pictures pretty much, everything you need unless you're going to the professional side of it. You can do on the free app. Okay. So this past week. I asked my mother to give me twelve to fifteen pictures of her. Okay yourself because we're throwing a big birthday party. And so what I want to do. I wanna have like standups of her around the party. Oh, that's cool. Yeah. I thought that'd be kind of fun. And so I gave her the task of getting twelve fifteen photos of herself. I need I need photos from when you were just a baby photos throughout the years and resource and then show. Well, how am I going to do that, you know, because he has a Brooklyn accent? Sure. And I said well here give me your phone. And I said I'm going to put a photo f on it called photo scam. Have you ever used photos? Okay photo scan is really terrific it's free from Google. And basically if you have photos inside of a photo album or inside of a picture frame is that you take five individual pictures of that particular photo, and then artificial intelligence will pull them all together and to make one really great shot. And so if you have old photos that you want to go ahead and bring them into the digital age. It's a great way to how is the quality Claude. He's fabulous all said. And done you come out with a good picture. Oh, yeah. Yes. It's absolutely. And it's good. It's called it's photo scan. And then also save it up to Google photos. If you another one that we use pretty much. Every weekend. Because that's when we do most of our television watching during the week. We're pretty busy. There's an app called just watch. Oh my gosh. I love just watch. I am a searcher. We're all sit there on net for twenty minutes. I want you to remember who told you about just watch. This segment is called the apps we use and this is one of the apps that I just wanna make this to say like, you know, you first heard about it someplace over in this part of the world. Right. Thank you Cam. But I'm search on Netflix. And I'll sit there forever and try to find something to watch frustrating. It drives my wife. Hey, so how long do you give it before you say, you know, what I give up? I can't find anything. I don't get to give it that long. After about three minutes, the XBox controllers pulled from my hands. And she picks we're watching within the next thirty seconds. But with just watch let's say we wanted to watch a superhero movie or two last week. And we want to watch ace Ventura to see if a movie that old still was funny when on I just watch we knew exactly where it was streaming for free. It tells you where it streams tells you where you can rent it and watch which is fabulous. It takes two seconds. There's also go watch it. I can't an-another app to my life. Could you when I taught when I say it's great in a month. You're going to want credit. No. I'm just saying. If you want like go watch it what's another one. You like I like, I do all of the family. Yes. I have not used late. What does that? Let me say there's a lot of recipe and cooking apps, I think a billion of them. But what I Lang about your family is a you can find recipes from all around the internet. Not just ones that are in the app..

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