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To Lars Larson Show. It's a pleasure to be with you. And I'm glad to get your phone calls and e mails on this First Amendment Friday. Always glad to take your calls at 866 a Lars. That's 8664395277 Emails Go to talk at Lars Larson dot com. There's so many subjects who we talked about on this. Show. And we've talked about Abraham Lincoln recently because of some misstatements that were made by the young lady who is running for vice president of United States. Kamala Harris, who couldn't make it as a presidential candidate. So now she is going to be coming the stalking yours Stealth candidate by running with Joe Biden. There's a new docuseries out about Abraham Lincoln that maybe we can apply to our current election. And Ben Judge is the creator and the executive producer of the new Docuseries, Right? Makes Right makes might The Lincoln Douglas debates, then welcome to the program. Well, good to be here. Thanks for having me That's a tongue tripper for me, but I used to engage in Lincoln Douglas debates back in high school. It was it was interesting. It wasn't quite the way that Lincoln and Douglas debated back in the day. But tell me what your what your show in this new series and why people should sit down and take a look at it. Also the Serie The documentary goes from this Unknown. Lawyer who spent one term in Congress, and he's been out of four years. How that God we all know now is Abraham Lincoln. But at the time no one really outside the state of Illinois knew who he waas how that guy becomes the most prominent Republican and ultimately the most prominent politician and ultimately the most well known president in American history. Um And how that happens is really this one moment in time. Where in 18 58 he takes on The most well known Renzo and many people think that most well spoken Politician on the scene. Steven Douglas, for what is supposed to be Stephen Douglas is just quick trip through a Senate race on his way to becoming president. In 18 60. And Waiting for him in that race is This guy Abraham Lincoln. And this documentary is the story of how that launch Lincoln and ultimately sank. Uh, Stephen Douglas. Then let me ask you this because I think it is worth mentioning. I mean, I work in radio, and people often say you have a really nice voice, And that's a nice compliment has taken me 45 years to get here and I've been to Disneyland and I've seen the animatronic Lincoln. But I've also read enough about Lincoln because they're great books on the man to know that he wasn't his voice was not exactly the most pleasant voice. Speaking voice in the world. In fact it it might have been like fingernails on a chalkboard if some people described it, and that's significant because you're saying here's Stephen Douglas very well spoken, you know, top of his game, ready to walk in and mop the floor with this big, gangly, you know, looking guy, strange looking guy with a really strange voice. Oh, and that? Still, it must have been the power of his ideas that pushed through to effectively take him from that debate to the presidency. That's right. You know, he and you touched on it. Not only was his voice not all that nice to listen to Wasn't exactly an attractive guy. You know, Douglas at one point calls, winking to face and Lincoln shoots back that you know if he had another face used that, um It's not a guy who you look at and say all this central casting for a politician Um no. And but it was his ideas, and it was the clarity and forcefulness. With which he carried those ideas. That people by storm and what made that possible in your urine radius you can appreciate you've been in it for a long time. You can appreciate what technology has done to your industry has done to the world of radio. Lincoln was on the front edge of the technological revolution that, really he was the first political beneficiary. Telegraph is relatively new. Um railroads were being built. So not only was the Lincoln Douglas debates well covered locally, but it was really the first time. That debate that the words the candidates segue could be transmitted around the country pretty quickly within a week. Um That ultimately is what Let people in New York As well as Georgia and South Carolina. Know about this guy, Lincoln..

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