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Mean Dimitrov Bisque like I'm surprised I was fired but like I don't know why you're surprised teams your own five. Now fail to specific head coach. So I don't know why you're shocked I mean but he seemed to be shocked by it so. Then you mention the fans like that was the reason. I. Don't remember him specifically saying that, but it was federalized pressure or something like that was one of the reasons he's definitely sub tweeting with that one I assume so. Maybe watching the show maybe. A free time right now. Has A team run you if you WANNA apologize to trauma. You know we're. Going to say what he used to apologize. We're here. If you do we'll. We will accept your apology. It's came him. What makes mistake? Well, I wouldn't speak on behalf Gabrielle. Everyone off personally maybe. Yes. We can't speak for all the crew but at least at least me like you know people make mistakes fees if he's man enough to come in here and apologize to us live on the air then yes, I will accept. Can have them on the show and you can be are like you know our GM, a former. Contributor man that would really raise the profile. For sure it's like what like I said open invite to Thomas Dimitrov. I know you're not doing anything. On. Wednesday. Today ten. Have gained Quinn on though I think that would be interesting. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I think like all Falcon staff are banned from coming on any of our programs. or any programs at all really unless they're like little the head coach or something like that. But. It's not like they're singling I. said I, just don't think anyone's really allowed to do podcasts or anything like that especially during the season but Yeah. It's such a bad look and you. And the team was just talking trash like Oh. Yeah. Man X X X Y and Z coaches terrible brother like we've got to get these bums out this line. Also I agree with waterproof base eighty three. That's a great name yeah, shot up Brandon Powell or no. That was a Chicago Scott mistakes greatest saying. All palled nothing to the return game like we we need to talk about this rover and hour. So we're going to wrap up your shortly but like. Brandon Powell man UAE why somebody told me. Also, I did he ever why did he have to targets wins Akia says a better receiver in because they refused lowest went Zacchaeus in the slot he's not they don't have them play the slot. So therefore he's in, it's impossible for these loans. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. You know what I'm saying but like look like Powell's a solid wide receiver five six, like he can run rousing catch passes but like God damn we pay like eighty thousand dollars for for Chris Rolling and then he might be good we. Weren't or six now like what the Hell Lay It out maybe we don't need to go and give the guy who gets like three three yards per punt return. You know all the touches in the return game because like. Chris Roller Must Punt who cares at least we know he's GonNa to punt. At, least we know something like. Pie Apologize 'cause I know Brandon Powell's brother. Follow me on twitter and he's been very critical of my coverage Brandon Pal. It's not personal. It's professional liking ahead. It's not as bad as I. Don't. Shout out is. Apparently subscriber to the to the show. We appreciate that. Thank you is yeah it's not personal like I want to be good. I. Say all. Every single falcons player to be as good as possible but I can't make them be good like you have to show it on the field, and like maybe it's not fair that we only get to see these guys for you know X Y, Z number of plays every week. But those are the only place. We can grade on their practice to see Brennan Powell blessed an eighty five yard kick return touchdown some something like that. I seriously doubt that's happening but like maybe it is we wouldn't know. So we can only great off of what we see what we see is this shit is back. Reminds me of Jd mckissick just like doing a great job. Aw. And in preseason years ago, he busted one back for like a touchdown than they just like cotton. Yeah. Now and then he found a place in like Seattle in like in Washington he's been very serviceable like gets a lot of touches in Washington nowadays but Yeah I do WanNa say shadow times Oliver he would. He didn't do anything embarrassing today was. It wasn't on the field for yeah. I mean he wasn't fortunate that didn't matter. But like he was absolutely key on that Hopkinson tackle, keep them from getting out of balance like that should. But that was. Across that took off like fifteen seconds I will say like. I when it comes to like. The physical aspect of the game. He's very good at it he could take. A room remember docker tackle in our one one win the first half last year against the eagles where he stopped the bigger Zach Ertz on fourth down. but yeah, it's like. Is Oliver didn't get burned this week we just an improvement from literally every other week. And the NFL. Yeah I do take issue with kindle Sheffield Matching Kenny Golladay because there's no universe for that is good for Kendall Sheffield but if you put Kendall choppy along all the day, they don't expect that that slapstick expect the to danger the farther you are from our Show Lord of the rings with that REF but clarity one with another five dollars brother. Thank you. He wants to point out even though it's off topic I. Don't think it's really off topic that Arthur blank on the sideline is a curse. I Agree Arthur Blake, please stay in the bottom please all. Go piss I'm. Like. The math made it even worse. Is feel his seething anger under there. Now I mean it's unfortunate. But yeah, I mean we need to see Christopher Nolan and we need to see him now like they're protecting them every week on the practice squad clearly, they know this guy is at least worth protecting like. Let. This man returned kicks for God's sake what what is the downside for what at six you're winning anything like I just like start seeing what these players can do give this man some games like if he has a muffed punt problem, let him go out there and fix it like let them get these game. Let them get the Experiencing needs because sorry. Problem. Yeah they don't care about evaluating because they're not going to be. Put the tape out there for somebody for God's sake like anything. But yeah, I mean you're you're probably not wrong about that like I don't care to evaluate. I'm not going to be here anyway but I don't blame them to be honest like he's trees coaching for a job himself next year, right? I mean. I I think it will be a net positive of all the sudden. He puts in guy and Chris Roland that turns out to be really good returner whose predecessor failed to put on the active roster but. Speaking of voyage it's like sounds like it wasn't Dan Quinn. Thing with nutrients not it was getting arrested all we. Yeah. He's He's tired man maybe he really pissed off for game more. It's like of all. Secret. They don't even let them practice nowadays little play. Even let this poor man practice. Half. Wow now I, it's weird like there are some poor decisions Let's see. Someone else mentioned something yet trae Mendez asks where's Brady Rare Wilson I agree free bleeding. Okay. We need to get this trending guys hash tag free bleeding..

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