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From about red bird lane I'm sure he'll see you next imported seven thirty eight AM breaking traffic alerts when they happen Joyce thank you so much Dan Bernas forecast and remember he's just the messenger sunny hot and humid again today will get up to the mid nineties I think he said we got to ninety four yesterday probably get there today tonight mid seventies tomorrow mid nineties again but more humidity which means the temperature humidity index value creeps and and it'll be right around a hundred Saturday and Sunday oh my goodness Friday Saturday and Sunday actually mid to upper nineties were actual temperatures heat index as high as a hundred and three during a lot of water news traffic and weather all news all day news radio ten eighty KRLD your news now they took a pause from the protests to listen good morning it's seven thirty one I'm CZ Sally's with Scott Sam's Mike Rogers has the morning off a listening session was held in Dallas so city leaders could hear first hand from protesters who've been marching for days demanding justice K. Aroldis Allen CIO joins us live with more good morning Alan good morning Susie three members the Dallas city council put out an open invitation for that listening session and they say about three hundred people showed up outside MLK community center councilman Adam Basil do Oman our bias in animal do set it up and says they wanted to start the meeting was silence in George Floyd's memory everybody was taken eight minutes forty three seconds because and everybody was was in the same kind of contemplating a reflective of mine said it was helpful was impactful people bringing their kids are learning from this it's it's what this part of the suspect people were allowed to talk about their anger over George Floyd staff and also potential solutions somewhere there tell NBC five they'll this can lead to a lasting change the can make Dallas better for their kids bringing it to a community that needs it and has a valuable voices was the right move and I'm I'm ready to see what happens next.

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