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Bounce feed into Travis left to the lane. He's double team hits Washington cutting into the paint left hands shot is over the goal and into the hands of Mississippi State squint area, Weatherspoon left block shouted over the rim state. Brought the double team that time and re Travis found his cutter. Good pass. Yes. It was the city state running the we've out front, and then whether spoon gets into the lane kicks it out on the wing right side to his brother, Nick Weatherspoon, he penetrates kicks back to dairy into the circle. Eighteen footer straightaways good. They like to swing the ball. Again. They want to look to take the shot at ten seconds or under in that shot clock direction dairy Witherspoon with Nick Weatherspoon with the basket. And here's a steel out front at a dunk at the other import went dairy Weatherspoon make it's penetrated through it back out behind him in on that angle Weatherspoon shot, the passing lane stolen dumped it. It was all about the angle you said it, right? The downloaded Travis right? Block juggles at can't get a shot at the Johnson left side. He wrote fake slides left wide. Open three good. Not gonna miss many that wide open insulting fake Mississippi State defensively. They're gonna play really good position defense or not going to try to rip you the ball. From you steal Johnson left slab. What two hands five four Kentucky goes in front? That's a classic example of Holden not meeting the past AVI stood there. And he let KENDALL step right in there. Kelvin step right in there. It away went. You gotta beat that pass. Gelded johnson. Good tasks left side to Nick weather gets into the key feeds down low to do. Those the bucket Perry rather shot blocked by Kentucky. Washington got cats on a break. Less side Johnson, eighteen footer. For that was well handled top two lanes. Shelby Jackson to the right. I believe it was he wrote to the left and then the ball stated the middle. Atlas well down seven straight for Kentucky. Dairy Weatherspoon out of the right wing and open three short or no good rebound by Perry. Put back. No good. He gets it. Back blocked behind by Johnson rebounded about Travis. Alexander Higgins caught out the right side throws. It ahead to Johnson into the lane. The glass what Calvin Johnson six straight needs going in line. After a somewhat slow. First minute bats, very aggressive pushing the ball getting things started at the defensive and Goelden Johnson on fire right now a variety of shots. Yeah. And that's his game. Yup. Indeed is where he had just no-confidence early down at Auburn Hagans got onto the little bit. Cal took him out. And he came back. The fire was lit. It's great to have your teammates throw. Good coach, you your teammates guys. You guys you look up to make the coach you then you let them coach. You gotta ball ten. Oh, run for Kentucky at a ten four lead. We eat out front. Peter's already in Mississippi State. He's got it straight away between the lakes dribble drives on Hagen's. Can't get by gives it to Nick Weatherspoon left side. No good long. Rebound. Cleared by hero for Kentucky. Rose ahead. The Hagans into front Gordo. Slow it up. Get everybody set off the pick from Washington is at the top of the feeds it down low and turnover pass was intended for Washington, but it was wide of the target PJ's. Telling him throw it to the wing and let him into the ball better angle from that wing PJ head the defender on the side that that pass available from the wing not available straight up and down past couple of early. Unforced errors at the point four action. But Kentucky leads at ten before whether schools gets at LA bald knocked loose picked up by Washington bounce ahead to Johnson. What hand slammed rims out? He got a little early and coming the other way as Mississippi State Weatherspoon into the lane. Nick has it knocked away bounces. Download a quick dairy who puts it in on the right baseline. Witherspoon guys play very well together has quick ball movement. Cats almost had another steal ten six. Great opportunity there. Took off a little early and try to dunk it. All came up short of the rim. Here's kiro. From the left side get's at the Washington bureau gets it back. Curls into the key back to Washington wide open. The left side, and it richocheting is out of bounds. He came in. Couldn't have been more wide. Open was gonna throw it down with two hands. And it hit the right side of the rim and care back. Alabama Mississippi State defenders just stood there. And look at it. They were like what's going on here? That's this to golden opportunities. There's a time out on the floor there in front ten to six states fall. When we come.

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