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So far. Kevin Cooper is the director of marketing at outside television in the Sierra and says, anyone planning to visit the area dates to be ready if you're traveling for this year is over the next day you, definitely carry chain drop that Cal trans quick map application back on your phone. Pay attention. We will pop on and off over the next several days and Cooper says the region could receive another ten to fourteen inches by Sunday, a major shift from the recent warm weather. The Trump administration is cancelling nearly one billion dollars in federal money for California's highway rather, make that California's high speed rail project, the federal railroad administration announced today, it will not give California the money saying the state failed to comply with the terms of its grant at has abandoned. The original version for a train between Los Angeles and ten Francisco. Now, this comes after federal officials threatening to pull funding earlier this year after governor Newsom said there was no path to finishing the project as planned in his first state of the state address in February Newsome says he is still committed to full time service on that line. All of the financial news. Jeff bellinger. Wall Street made it three up sessions in a row. The key averages are close to wiping out the losses from the Monday sell off the Dow Jones industrials rose two hundred fifteen points eight tenths percent to twenty five thousand eight sixty two the NASDAQ closed seventy six points or one percent, higher the S and P five hundred game twenty five points or nine tenths percent. Shares of blue chips Cisco systems and WalMart advanced on better than expected quarterly results. The trade tensions with China may have been put on Wall Street's back burner but Neela Richardson that we're Jones and company says the importance of a deal cannot be understated thirteen to world growth. And that's what we're looking at. That's why the deal the trade deal between the two countries is so important, Bloomberg reports. Amazon is close to finalizing a deal to acquire the advertising technology of CES Mak, a bankrupt company that developed an ad server that places spots on the internet and measures there. Effectiveness, Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg radio. What does building a better Bank? Look like it starts with building Capital One cafes.

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