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And shane mack the founder just kept telling me about chad and chat ups and this is a guy who lives the silicon valley life like he is in with with like twitter's offices talking to their people he's talking to facebook he's in a google he's the kind of guy everyone loves so much that all investors are hanging out with him all the people these big companies hanging out with him and of course economy tells me that new technology and i usually don't care because i'm running a business i'm not a twelve year old kid trying to figure out what's the newest place to chat with twelve other kids are tall other people but chain i knew was going to do something and he started building these chat bots end a first those kind of interested and then mark zuckerberg onstage looked at one of his chat bots and said i love this as maybe this is the future and then also showed me this statin he said look people are spending more time in chat apps than they are an email of course i wife in our i aren't email each other at all any more the people who work with me at mixture g aren't emailing me any more work texting each other if there's something that's like not pressing can wait will email at each other for the most part i noticed it were using chat apps like slack like facebook messenger like frankly even uh the the chat in project management software that's what were using to communicate with each other so maybe that's the future and what she was doing was building tools that allow companies to reach their clients using chad apps i said maybe that's our future so i started building one from extraju was just an experimental i said to the audience of seventy plus thousand people who who wants to experiment with me on this thing and handful people did and dude brian the open rates were over eighty percent the click rates on messages i sent by chat were over fifty percent but that is stats.

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