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The capital, Texas live oak stood proud over the land cut down by the condo developers for more. Than two years now they stand for us a symbol of our community strength. And resolve together we rise as one to grow the legend of our club. At our city what do you think of that first promotion that we launched, on Saturday night, turning an immigrant get a free beer Kilby Limit What immigrant or or have you turn into emigrants you get two beers notchback LBJ Art you're on KLBJ Bringing get Amir Hello, art, hey hey hey? You know what we should be like the Oregon ducks every time. There's a game we have a different uniform like one, night was lions leopard skin or Net or visual. Arts, where. The, trees, man, you would or? Fish net or tired we could there's two names that come to. Mind we could be called the Austin Leslie or the, Austin swinging hammers Hammers are the. Leslie no no but on the LBJ. Night if you bring an AK, forty, seven you get half off You. Don't turn it in, you, just. Bring Harry sit right there, the game pointed whoever you, like, field, you get half off Jay, nights at Facebook stadium Pete you're on kale BJ How can we, not be the weirdos Well not with more trees where the route Gene die man The weirdos anyway That was entertaining LBJ night Mighty, oak trees, the trees everyone get used to it Almighty's joined, the roots join the roots Leads hand, in hand together Back in. Thirty seconds on. Route radio here's Melinda branch Wayne of the roots Hi mel So we've looks like we've got some roots planted pretty firmly here on thirty five northbound service for right. Before Runberg no one's really. Going anywhere thanks to. This rack that's been here for quite. Some time the far left lane. Is blocked that also happens to be the start of the entrance ramp to thirty. Five northbound you can still get onto. The freeway, but again this is causing huge delays in. The area we've got a stall up on thirty five northbound. Near Palmer it's on the, left shoulder a wreck on toll win thirty northbound before pecan street that has you backed up to blue, bluff road and then also collision reported over a bee caves road in. Western lane Melinda Bryant with Austin's on..

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