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Today we are in steady say offset michigan off. I'm with johnson's robinson and oz. Clark and the new hitch switch. Brian looks more life respects. I prefer being says. He's a big hero of mine. Well you can fight the Between yourself donald. Free and brian nygaard also known us. Brian now or danish. French joins us last night. Bryant speaking danish in the car today like it was in an episode of bargain there. Brian nice good friend of mine is actually in the lineup. But i've never seen this. I think i saw an accent. I think could probably fall asleep to sleep problems. I'm okay it's okay Anyway moving. On richard location location location. Where are we well. That's my question we don't well we are in one of the most beautiful piazza's in italy Almost no one outside obviously probably heard of the town jay leno and this is a very famous piazza in this region. The piazza do carla was built by the family. Who were who ruled milan. For about hundred years on ridge avenue was what it was aamodt by this family for their hunting lodge back in the fifteenth century and they built this school just all created piazza restricting. An unusual shape for piazza's oblong one hundred and fifty meters long. Just read. And i think about fifty meters wise. It's quite a narrow with a beautiful duomo. At the end and arcade on three sides and what a sight is well. It's beautiful isn't it. Because the sun is just lighting up the facade in front of us and it's a very beautiful indeed them. We're not quite lively bar live tears. You pick the life the liveliest busy as bar and both had not just creates a gentle hubbub of noise in the podcast. Nothing too intrusive and we saw what we call to. The transitional stage trumps the longest stage of the race. But a real a proper jerry. Tiniest stage again You know we were We were in amongst the vineyards. The as was the case yesterday. The jira was luminescent today. is was my face forcing this morning dying but will come later We had a week later. The sun was out it really. We had a we had a group of we had some real big hitters in the in the break. It was guys who had been while waiting. Really biding their time throughout the we'll just get an opportunity from their team and we have. The cream really did kind of rise to the top of that group in today. I mean you've been tipping him. Every single day betty on a finally delivered. I was gonna chat. You're eighteen today because you picked quite a guy of relatively well. Holiday to predict hard data per day classic wasn't a when when those stages in the grand tour unfold stage eighteen longest of the race said from rovereto to stradella. And we unforced three non starters. This morning ramco eva pope listen to james knox's diary last night he was pretty candidate by remco even the polls state of physical and mental well-being really going into yesterday stage and of course any had the crash in the stage finished with a very swollen elbow on james said in his auditory last night that he didn't think even the make it to milan. He didn't start today. We're gonna talk about the an about him in the second part tonight's podcast. Nick schultz also a nonstop today. He broke his hand in that crushing that he's been writing extremely well for bike exchange. So that's a real below for him on his team and julia coney another big blue because he was writing overall was he tenth star. Ross tenth. I mean how few setbacks including that crash but he was. It was a late decision on him to not start. today's stage. There was quite battled again in the breakaway and eventually one form twenty-three writers as you said daniel big hits nicky's aren't cereal gathering breaks and quite good at finishing them off as well albert bacterial of course was there potty. Bevin dario cataldo. I'm just picking some of the names. Simoni concerning francesco. Gazzi gorka is a geary yakubu. Moscow mosca pardons simone pillow of course and nicholas route. Was there Dig andrea rami already. A stage winner of course. Was there twenty three writers total and threat. While there'd been a little break the went clear. The impetus really alberto bethel who has been. He's been like not show pony occasion animal all. He's he's he strikes the mix zone in the mornings and he looks very confident and bullish. He's been on the attack along and fresh-faced and strong and we didn't in the cau- there's nothing frail about Alba patio clients in particular coming to the Mixon and they sort of as you say Better as fairly bounced in a different body shape to most of the writers we see nowadays but he looked on. The biking looks so strong. These commentators kept saying how this is a tiny cycling expecting. He liked full. You know you had a full leg. Philip diamonds yes and also yesterday i mean he was extraordinary and helping housing well. He's called limitless energy because Attack and with six other five other writers would have burned a few matches and just off that ramey cavanna went and this was twenty six kilometers to go some quite tough claims and the final thirty minutes really did make for an exciting finale covina. We've seen him do that before he wants. Stage in the couple of years ago into toledo didn't he very strong great time trial so he quickly built a lead of thirty seconds and look pretty good. Nicholas roach countered patio went off after him. Well routes couldn't hold onto beth when the road went up battle was nibbling away at convenience advantage whenever the road went up and kenya holding a or even increasing on the flop. As soon as i went up battle was making gains on the bottom near the summer. About five hundred meters to go the final climb today and that was just give him enough time to am to draw covina who who was just he was just wrung dry. Just couldn't hold on any longer on the road to the finish alone to take his first ever professional win in italy and only his third freshman and total one of those other. Ones of courses founders. A couple of years ago so a quality writer who probably doesn't win as much as he should a beautiful beautiful stage with as kickers in the finale and just before that we went through ramona an important town noting the important for cultural reasons off italy's most famous influence Cata on how many follows this she got lionel and lionel 'em how john sorry twenty million. Instagram awesome female in france italy. Now he's married to Another of influence and feathers the pop star pop stars and influences of their day cremona also the home not where she was born. The city must associated with me. The the tigris of cremona the biggest popstar italian pasta sixties and seventies Author of the song which is opt for betty. Oh today on phoenix..

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