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To yelling and screaming that's really not who he was he was very much a teacher in fact if you went into his office in Green Bay there were two plaques on the wall both of them for Teacher of the Year at St. Cecilia's High School in Red Bank New Jersey that's how much he prided himself on being a teacher so I think there's a little bit of a misunderstanding because there is a perception of a portrait of him as being a screamer and a yeller and a driver but he was an intellectual and I think that's why he was so successful and he would have continued but you're right 57 he dies at 57 I mean you know I can remember the day my mother told me that and the reason I'm in football is because of him because I saw him on the sidelines and he looked like somebody that belonged family at my dinner well Michael Michael I mean we say 57 years old I'm gonna give you another 27 years old 1986 you are credited for having discovered Hall of Fame defensive end Charles Haley now take us to you know today's game right and the coaches today and the scouts today I mean does that even happen anymore I mean what coaches I mean what scouts have the ability to uncover a Hall of of Famer that magnitude talk to us about today's game and which coaches have that Hall of Fame potential in your opinion well I mean look you know Andy Reid's going in the Hall of Fame Belichick's gonna go on the Hall of Fame Mike Tomlin's gonna go in the Hall they of have it you know I think Sean McVay has the potential Kyle Shanahan has the potential to get into the Hall of Fame as they keep developing and winning as they're going forward I think the Haley story proves my original point it's about elimination so as a young kid I get called up in a Bill Walsh's office by his secretary Nicole and Nicole says coach Walsh wants to see it which is usually never good that's not gonna be good so I go up to his office and he says here's what I want you to do and he lays it out I for me want you to go through all the notebooks now there's no computers in 87 so and there's no tape in 86 is when this happened to me there's no video it's all 16 and so there's no really that so you have to read the reports to get an understanding of what's happening and so I went through all the reports he gave me a criteria to look for and essentially I came up with about three names Dan McMillan from Colorado State, Romell Andrews from from from University Tennessee of Tennessee at Martin not at Knoxville at Mark and Charles Talley and James Madison and that's just from reading the reports and then I got the video in I got the 16 millimeter tape on it and watched it and then he called the meeting and we went upstairs to the meeting room which was very small and he we put the can I put I threaded the tape through the 16 millimeter projector and he watched one play and turned off the machine and says we don't need to look at anything else that's Michael Lombardi former a Super Bowl winning NFL executive we've got more with him up next so stick around including one story we cannot get around Travis Kelsey and Taylor Swift sitting living in a tree. she is incredible in the fact that her demographics follow her everywhere and you know you look at what I mean all of a sudden you get 350 increases in your Instagram following I mean Kelsey the smartest thing he ever did is try to get a date with her you're listening to the Bloomberg Business of Sports Bloomberg radio around the world when when you get your news from Bloomberg you don't just get the story you get the story behind the story how your EVs battery may not be as green as it seems why a decrease in global birth rates could in send countries scrambling to increase immigration you get context and context changes how you see things how you change things because context changes everything go to Bloomberg to get context together we have the opportunity to build a more sustainable and inclusive future at the Bloomberg New Economy forum we help make this possibility a reality by cultivating new connections among global leaders that transcend geographies industries and ideologies because when global leaders work together the outcomes benefit all

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