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Lebron, Cavs, Rockets discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Mailed it in so it's pretty incredible what lebron is done with that team yes mclovin the arguing came down to if you pull james harden off the rocket or if you pull the braun off the cavs which which would make a bigger win difference now i know the cavs would be terrible without lebron but aren't the rockets really james harden in the heart nets a little bit i know paul is there but they really one man show has been great chris poll i think he's been limited think he played in fifty eight games but does that scare you without heart just oriented just cleveland scare you terrible too but i feel like heart in about a month ago was easy if i said to lebron you could be on the camps or be on the rockets well the cavs have kevin love cats but if he could be on the rockets james harden went to the cavs and lebron went to the rockets the rockets do not strike me as particularly talented roster no they've never have i think they have the pieces so i think it's the sum of the parts it's not the individuals per se although you know hardened chris paul great individuals but i do think the system with mike dan tony and that's why everybody wants to see what happens in the postseason mike antoni said why shouldn't we be celebrating we had a great year and everybody wants to wait until the postseason well that's not the way it works you know you the mvp for the regular season they have an mvp for the postseason but you know i think dan tony who had these seasons before in certainly with steve nash where you go hey we had a great regular season and then they don't do anything in the postseason.

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Lebron, Cavs, Rockets discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

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