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Does the third prison have a vested interest in you not being was josh through all friends road you're all part of siem fur and fur and group yeah we're all really close but especially close but well all right let's think about like do you being selfish and end like i mean that in like a way of of truly be in bulish because began as as women were sort of toss and not be selfish for most of our live even the term selfish i think is arroni us just be you and be politically consider it just in terms of socially caring none of but at the same time be you for right now what would you like for yeah i mean canada two like i decided to do that and i know it's not gonna probably be like receive and their backed away our friend than all the people we know that i mean i'm just trying to be happy and i just want everybody else you know could accept it in their own time and i don't want my way from the loser's jog you know do you think he's going to his job with utoe your friend who his boss that you guys are doing well just because just because for some reason this friend is like fiercely loyal to maxine on say and so even though they're all friends i think he's going to take his exfiancee side and just be really touch mental about it and i mean that's fine like.

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