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I'm Bob McClay. Here's our top story. National police foundation study claims that Phoenix police are involved in the most officer involved shootings in the country police chief Jerry Williams says it's because of staffing shortages and having to deal with people with mental health issues. Some of those officer involved shootings, it was a single person unit that was on scene, which then could create a dynamic where the individual may want to challenge. Williams tells the Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes show that she'd like to see mental health professionals answered nine one one calls regarding mental health incidents should police. Officers started carrying around NAR can one valley woman. Lost two children to overdoses once Phoenix police officers to have the opioid overdose. Reversal drug with them retired. Phoenix police sergeant Darren Birch says he understands her sentiment. But it may not be practiced all the police officers feel comfortable with that type of expertise. The Phoenix police. Department has distributed kitsch to only one hundred specialty officers out of a total of nearly three thousand sworn police officers at least four Americans are known to have died in the Easter Sunday bombings in three Lenka. And now you us authorities are involved in the investigation. That's according to ABC's Alec stone. The FBI is now assisting in the investigation into the Sri Lankan bombings. It's not uncommon for the FBI to send a team of agents to a foreign country. When terrorism kills American citizens at least four Americans are known daddy in the bombing attack. And in our told the FBI is assisting in the probe one of those dead Americans has been identified as a man from Denver who was in Sri Lanka on business. Meet twenty twenty presidential democratic candidate number nineteen Representative Seth Moulton a Massachusetts. The forty year old Iraqi veteran with two degrees from Harvard is a supporter of gay marriage legalized marijuana. I think that we would be a much stronger country if more young. People had the opportunity to serve so I wouldn't make making a draft. But I would make it a cultural expectation and he tells good Morning America that he thinks that young people should want to serve their country. And now for a check on traffic..

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